Top 4 best air suspension kit for the Hyundai Elantra

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Does your Hyundai Elantra have a drop suspension? If you're tired of the body roll, then it's time to upgrade with an air suspension kit. Get rid of that saggy feeling and get yourself high-performance air suspensions for your car. Genesis Tuners has kits available for all vehicles. Check out our top 4 of the best air suspensions kit available for your Hyundai Elantra in our store.

Table of contents

  1. About Hyundai Elantra
  2. Ksport CHY240-ABA air suspension
  3. Ksport CHY240-ADX air suspension
  4. Ksport CHY240-AEX air suspension
  5. Ksport CHY240-ASO air suspension
  6. Takeaways

About Hyundai Elantra

This Hyundai model has been in production since 1990, when it was brought to life by then-newly established Hyundai Motors. The four-door sedan is the best-selling model of its Asian car manufacturer, with 10 million units sold worldwide in 2014, and was able to reach this mark by selling an average of 420,000 per year. The second generation of the model ran from 1996 to 1998. Its third-generation debuted from 2000 to 2006, and the fourth generation started to be sold from 2007 to 2015.

It is no secret that the Elantra has its fair share of issues, and we can help with many of them. For instance, if your vehicle is afflicted by any lines and squeaking in the chassis when going over bumps, replace it with a superb air suspension kit. The new setup will also fix the headlight alignment, leveling front tires issue, and more. Genesis Tuners has a vast selection of air suspension parts for the Hyundai Elantra. Air suspensions offer a resilient and stable ride. Adding a suspension kit to your ride is very easy, has almost no downtime, and can be installed by an amateur.

Ksport CHY240-ABA air suspension

The Ksport's 3-way adjustable system offers easy single compressor inflation adjustability to raise the vehicle at will. Using twin premium air springs for your Hyundai Elantra has advantages over other options like run-flat shock absorbers or conventional shocks. Air springs work differently from regular ones. They have less friction inside of their chambers. This action means that they can keep all of the road contact and never lose movement or rotation.  It gives you great traction on the road. Complete restoration is easier by replacing parts that were damaged and failed. This feature-packed advanced technology system comes with multiple preset rides.


Ksport CHY240-ABA air suspension kit

The AirTech Basic Suspension Kits are available for your car. Genesis Tuners USA chose Ksport as their supplier, which is what you need! It needs to be installed by experts with many years in the industry. All of these kits are specially designed for this model to provide you with the best performance of your new adjustable suspension. They will satisfy even their strictest demands.

The Airtech Basic Air Suspension for the Hyundai Elantra Model is the best option for people that prefer simplicity. These are some reasons why you should buy this air suspension system: 

  • High-quality airbags
  • Four high-quality air struts.
  • Dual-needle 200 psi gauge.
  • 5-gallon black steel air tank.
  • Viair 444C compressor.
  • Manual paddle valve controls.

Each Air Lift Performance Series system is tested to ensure it is safe, does not leak, and lasts long. So why not experience advanced technology today! Popular Mechanics picks Air Lift Performance as the best suspension brand available on the market! Our experts are here to help you with any installation questions or problems that may arise.

Ksport CHY240-ADX air suspension

Ksport CHY240-ADX  is a complete air suspension system by Ksport specially designed for Elantra. It is designed to deliver more comfort while improving performance, look, and safety. Enjoy the adjustable height feature. You can go on highways or off-roading on different types of terrain. It can rise up to 10 pieces when you press a button switch. In addition, the car will have better handling on roads, and it will be easier to drive. The system will provide you with a stable ride because it has independent control on each axle.

Ksport CHY240-ADX air suspension kit

The Elantra is a nice car to drive for any driver. The vehicle has a sporty look, with a price tag that doesn't make it out of reach from someone who isn't necessarily used to paying luxury prices. The Elantra has excellent ratings from drivers and reviewers. But the standard suspension leaves a lot to be desired in a sporty-looking sedan. The solution comes in an adjustable lowering spring system that lowers your Hyundai Elantra, improves handling at speed, and increases comfort over bumps. It adds enhanced braking power for drivers going into turns faster.

Airtech pushes the limits to high performance and reliability like never before. Airtech KSport suspension components were designed for both street and track performance, and they are easy to install too. KSport has all the parts needed to make your car feel great. The cars are made with high-quality materials, and it is easy to find what you need for your car. KSport is recognized as a global company 

The Ksport AirTechnics 2-way coil-overs offer the same advanced features and benefits at a lower cost. These air adjustable shock absorbers will improve your body roll and also have a low-range air-adjustable feature. KSport's Director of Marketing said that this is the only brand with this feature. This product incorporates all the benefits our patented two-way technology offers into a system that anyone can afford.

Ksport CHY240-AEX air suspension

KSport Airtech-Executive is a modern style of air suspension that has great quality.  Along with OEM quality ride height, this full-load system is adjustable. It maintains your original shock tuning with the automatic 'no pain' height adjustments. It fits perfectly with factory specifications without draining the fuel tank, refilling manually, or checking PSI in tires. Additionally, the system provides full control over the damping. The driver can change this by tuning it on a digital quick-adjust dial mounted on the driver door sill. It is a 3 step/press of button adjustment that enhances performance on the road while maintaining a soft, comfortable feel for all passengers regardless of where they are seated.

Ksport CHY240-AEX air suspension system

Ksport Kontrol Pro full air suspension is solid and reliable. Its 12 way adjustable, externally mounted pneumatic spring struts are made of quality aluminum. The Airtech Executive is designed for people to be able to ride a vehicle at cautious speeds and their convenience. The beauty of this system lies in how it can be adjusted. This product is perfect for daily drivers or show cars alike. Sounds nice, right? That's because it is!

In the last few years, technology has made a lot of progress. This new technology of air suspensions for vehicles is almost a necessity on most of them now. Handling the comfort factor in your car is essential. You can customize your ride height but also fine-tune it to be what you need performance-wise. Many people choose air suspension systems when they want to change their car. They say that it is one of the more obvious ways to do this. This is mainly due to the extensive range of customization options at hand by simply changing out different components in this type of suspension setup instead of having to do the same changes with other styles such as a coil.

This kit is an air suspension for your Elantra to replace your factory springs. You can use this system when you need to lower the car, like installing a wide tire and improving comfort. I would recommend it if you live in areas where potholes are current streets because this kit gets rid of all the bumps. After all, your ride height can't be changed after installation. What else is cool with the air system is that the ride quality will adjust over time since it responds actively changing conditions and vehicle loads.

Ksport CHY240-ASO air suspension

Ksport air suspension systems are made for cars that want to get the most performance out of them on-road and off-road. If you wish to dominate the road course or tackle rocky terrain, get all six shafts independently controlled at once, ride high like a truck or low like a Mustang GT (any height you want can be set!). With the precision adjustment, you can make more than one change if necessary by simply adjusting knobs. Ride comfort is not compromised because the Ksport R&D team integrated shock dampening into their design specifically for this purpose.

Ksport CHY240-ASO air suspension system

The KSport ASO strut system is designed for performance driving on the street. Ultra-compact assembly forged 6061 aluminum pistons with a compressed air servo unit and a piston seal made of Teflon. It does not need maintenance, and you can reuse it many times because it is built to last. The center of gravity height adjustment is carried out by taking out cylinder set housing on front struts and compression adjustment shims inside the coiled springs. You will find them fully adjustable at a low-speed setting to make full travel speed-sensitive adjustments, plus installation guides are provided.

KSports suspension is made out of aircraft quality steel pipes to sustain high pressure or crash test. KSport has its technology for developing Springs, Dampers, and Struts. All their designs are the best on the world market. Many companies are starting to copy Ksport dampers with a low-quality product used in the manufacturing process but with high pricing. But if you know how air suspension works, you can easily spot some differences between other companies and us #1 There is only one camber kit - no kit A/B kit C kit, etc.

KSports air suspension system is designed to lower your car by 40mm front and rear. This kit is not just for show; it is solid and functional. This system is hand-built in the USA with high-quality steel-reinforced bracketry made of billet aluminum. Although this upgrade usually comes at a high cost, K Sport Suspension makes some of the finest lowering springs on the market while keeping costs and high-quality.


    • The Airtech Basic Air Suspension can maintain road contact with no loss of movement/rotation, which gives you maximum traction.
    • The Ksport CHY240-ADX air suspension system is designed to be comfortable, look good, and with great performance.
    • Ksport CHY240-AEX offers fully adjustable damping that may be fine-tuned.
    • The center of gravity height adjustment is carried out by taking out cylinder set housing on front struts and compression adjustment shims inside the coiled springs of the Ksport CHY240-ASO.