Top 4 best disc brake pad for the Hyundai Veloster

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This post will be about the top 4 best disc brake pads for your Hyundai Veloster. Disc brake pads are flat pieces with a thick layer of friction that makes the car stop. The two main types of brake pads are organic and metallic. Your choice of pad depends on what kind of driving you do most often - city or highway driving with stop-and-go traffic vs. long stretches on roads where braking is infrequent.

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  1. About Hyundai Veloster
  2. EBC Brakes DP22232 brake pads
  3. EBC Brakes DP32232C brake pads
  4. EBC Brakes DP42232R brake pads
  5. Hawk Performance HB661Z.667 brake pads
  6. Takeaways

About Hyundai Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster has it going on. This funky little three-door hatchback combines cutting-edge design with a roomy and comfortable interior, outstanding fuel economy, and surprising versatility for its kind. You can pick between the standard car or turbo versions of this Korean brand's compact model. The standard one is 152-hp, and the turbo version is 201-horsepower. If you have been driving your Veloster for a long time and experienced a few issues from time to time, you should invest in high-quality parts that will provide better performance than OEM components; with Genesis Tuners, you're guaranteed.

Hyundai Veloster N Manual 2016

The driving force of your vehicle may be the most significant component in enjoying a safe and comfortable drive. With that in mind, we take a closer look at three different options for disc brake pads that can fit the 2013-2016 Hyundai Veloster.

Genesis tuners offer OEM & aftermarket performance braking products for most cars, trucks, and bikes. They provide braking rotors, brake pads, master cylinder rebuild kits, etc. At a reasonable price. The ceramic rotor is very popular among disc brakes buyers because they are quieter than the metal ones. For most users switching to ceramic may not make a huge difference in sound, but it does greatly enhance heat resistance which will benefit long-term pad life, making it cheaper for you over time since pads do wear out faster when they get boiling, often leading to warping of rotors resulting in vibrations during driving.


EBC Brakes DP22232 brake pads

EBC is a world-class manufacturer of premium brake pad sets with 22 production facilities around the globe. Available in over fourteen countries, EBC has the largest distribution network of any major brake pad brand and many important OEM contracts. EBC uses a proprietary "BW" technique to produce a low dusting, quiet running, high friction material which meets or exceeds OE standards while being environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

EBC Brakes Greenstuff Street sport Front Disc Brake Pad Set, model DP22232

The Best Brakes Save You Money. Imagine stopping at the same distance on dry, wet, sawdust-covered streets without having to worry about losing control of your car due to brake fade or excessive heating. We all want that, but most factory brakes can't withstand streetcar operating temperatures that exceed 25 - 800 degrees F. When you're researching new brake pads for your high-performance street machine, here are a few factors. Important things to consider: Brake Pad Technology. What do these strange words mean? EBC braking technology guarantees safe driving under extreme conditions because of its unique use of special friction formulas.

EBC Euro Ceramic Pro race compound has been developed to deliver superior dry and wet braking performance without excessive noise. EBC GreenStuff brake pads set the standard for quiet braking, leaving no stone unturned to create perfectly balanced pad compounds. When only the very highest quality will do for your brakes, these easily surpass anything else on or off the market! This is top-level stuff meaning fade-free all conditions braking with far greater longevity than regular organic semi-metallic pads.

Greenstuff is a next-generation hybrid formula combining shimmed and sintered metal matrix for even better pad wear, fade resistance, and rotor friendliness than ever before. This unique pad compound offers the same aggressive braking found in R-Compound, but with additional controllability.

EBC Brakes DP32232C brake pads

Green Stuff and Red Stuff Brake Pads from EBC enhance driver control by reducing brake fade and improving the modulation of the brakes. With lighter braking effort, DP32232C Greenstuff high-performance organic compound is engineered for better, faster stops.

Disc Brake Pad Set DP32232C

The Greenstuff performance range is our standard Organic brake pad for everyday use. When braking demands silence, the ND-2000 provides this in addition to outstanding stopping power and rotor protection. This pad is used by numerous NASCAR teams, including Joe Gibbs Racing, Wood Brothers Racing, Furniture Row Racing, and others. Plus all professional race teams in IMSA, World Challenge racing, where it performs flawlessly with no chatter even in wet conditions. It's important when replacing brake pads for them to match exactly what you had on there before.

The EBC Brakes DP32232C brake pad is designed to correct low stopping distances on various braking applications. The surface of the new brake pads is very high, which helps achieve faster elimination of noise during sudden deceleration, effectively eliminates fade, and provides excellent performance even in wet weather conditions. The Genuine EBC Brakes Greenstuff brake pads are consistent warmth, optimal ventilation, and maintenance-free life. The DP32232C is a premium pure 'organic' Ferro-Carbon compound that offers the ideal braking compound features. It is made with organic resin technology combined with Synthetic based friction particles. It contributes to both an optimum balance of initial friction/wearing properties (with low juddering) and outstanding, complex high-temperature stability (not prone to fading).

EBC Brakes DP42232R brake pads

The DP42232R Yellowstuff front brake pads are better than regular pads. They allow you to stop better and give a higher endurance and reduce disc/rotor damage. These are new high-performance pads composed of aramid fiber, and they have a precision-built piston on the caliper. This piston is used to transfer heat to the pad more quickly to cool down faster. Yellowstuff rotors feature multiple emission control systems. One of them is the asbestos fiber which provides better torque over stock brake linings. These low dust ISC-legal formulas are also strong enough to use aluminum rims of many compounds without producing a high quantity of bruising black dust.

EBC Brakes DP42232R - Yellowstuff Street And Track Brake Pads, 2 Wheel Set

Genesis Tuners provides an excellent source for this kind of high-quality brake pad which could fit quickly and smoothly with your 2016+ Hyundai Veloster SE 2.0L, Sport 1.6L models with the most affordable price! Other sites indeed don't have what you are looking for. Either they are out of stock or too expensive to buy. You should check here once if you need something for your car's maintenance requirements!

EBC Brake Pads create products for both commercial and aftermarket customers. Within these are included the organic and sintered metal blended pads and disc wear too. Their disc wear is designed to detect excessive wear on the discs where the brakes have been applied and infer that insufficient braking force has been generated. Using their patented technology and many combinations of materials, manufacturing processes, and coatings, they can provide high-quality, long-lasting pads for almost every type of vehicle on the market today.

This car has an excellent brake response. If you are looking for excellent brakes, then EBC has the solution to all your braking problems no matter what vehicle you have in mind. These brakes are made possible by their better functional design and reliable performance record in both track testing and years of use on the streets. One of their best features is that they are engineered using ground-breaking shim technology. Shims are bonded onto their proprietary cast iron alloy resin system.

Hawk Performance HB661Z.667 brake pads

The HB661Z.667 Street and AutoX pad kit from Hawk Performance is engineered for maximum performance over a broad temperature range, allowing the driver to take the Hyundai Veloster across an array of road conditions. From its durable ceramic compound to reduced mechanical noise, this kit is engineered with precision and efficiency in mind to help you stop on your terms no matter what's in front of you or how fast you're going. Not only do these pads last longer, but they will make it easier for drivers to maximize braking power while the high temp fade resistance allows them to maintain a consistent pedal feel at any road speed.

Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads, HB661Z.667 Front

Car manufacturers' brake pads are designed to work only with the stock caliper and rotor for optimum braking performance. On the other hand,  aftermarket or upgraded rotors are frequently recommended to circulate excessive dust if teamed up with the original pad. Hawk Performance has created a thermal barrier between these two systems, so they don't interfere with each other. 

The Hawk Performance HB661Z.667 High Temp Ceramic Brake Pads are manufactured with the same pad material, molding process, and machine work as their OEM counterparts to ensure optimum consistency, performance, and quality. The difference is in the price; Hawk pads deliver industry-leading performance at a much lower cost than OE or other aftermarket brake pad options. When exposed to heat, the ceramic pads don't wear out like ferrous (steel) braking components, such as track wear, overheating due to poor cooling system design/maintenance, or excessive engine downtime. That dries out the calipers and lines, resulting in a hard pedal.

Hawk Performance is the leading high-performance brake pad manufacturer. This company has been engineering its products around the world to meet or exceed OEM standards for decades. The best braking components combine Hawk Performance's braking systems and perfection in fitment from Genesis tuners. Their knowledge, experience, and technical ingenuity go a long way to helping you improve your response time spiritually.


  • To drive your Veloster for a long time and without problems, buy parts that will do better than the ones that come with it. You can trust Genesis Tuners to be of good quality.
  • Ceramic rotors do help the pads last longer. This makes it cheaper for you over time since pads do wear out faster when they get boiling.
  •  EBC Greenstuff brake pads DP22232 are the best possible option for those seeking a quiet, durable set of brakes for their Hyundai.
  • DP32232C Greenstuff high-performance organic compound is engineered for better, faster stops. Greenstuff and Redstuff Brake Pads from EBC enhance driver control by reducing brake fade and improving the modulation of the brakes.
  • The DP42232R Yellowstuff front brake pads are engineered to provide better stopping power, increase endurance and reduce disc/rotor damage.
  • This Hawk Performance HB661Z.667 Street and AutoX pad kit is designed to provide optimum performance in a variety of conditions for the Hyundai Veloster