Top 4 best disc brake rotor for the Hyundai Santa Fe

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Genesis Tuners has a vast collection of disc brake rotors for the Hyundai Santa Fe, with every style and fitment, as well as vehicle, presets that will streamline your search through thousands of products. Genesis Tuner specializes in offering aftermarket, lightweight rotors, at competitive prices for those who would appreciate top-quality parts coupled with professional customer service. Genesis Tuner's resource website is set up to make it easy and convenient for you to find the most suitable rotor without hassle.


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  1. About Hyundai Santa Fe
  2. EBC Brakes GD7622 brake rotor
  3. EBC Brakes GD7661 brake rotor
  4. EBC Brakes RK7622 brake rotor
  5. EBC Brakes RK7661 brake rotor
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About Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe offers tough, refined, and innovative SUV models with three gasoline engines and two exciting diesel options. 

The Hyundai Santa Fe is one of those options to consider when it comes to having a reliable SUV for everyday use. It's designed and built with the priorities of comfort, style, and functional performance in mind, making it a safe and secure ride for all passengers. Eckler's Automotive provides you with several ways to optimize your car's performance, including brake upgrades such as their premium braking package. This consists of high-quality ceramic coated rotors that can improve stopping power as well as better resist. 

EBC Brakes GD7622 brake rotor

The EBC brake rotor GD7622 is for cars weighing up to 3300 lbs. with tires weighing 2740 g each. The diameter is 1110 mm, and the thickness is 38 mm, making this rotor good for a race car or a high-performance car. It has a Chorus grooved lip that helps with braking efficiency and heat endurance. It prevents warping, scraping, and juddering under pressure which ensures optimal contact between the pads and discs at any time during the life cycle of your brakes. 


EBC Brakes GD7622 brake rotor

EBC Brakes is the leader in pre-minced brake products. For street and performance applications with features like surface treatment design for enhanced braking efficiency, unique looking orientation ridges with optimized density gradation weight reduction holes. The GD7622 is an EBC GreenStuff vented 2-piece disc system. If you value high efficiency, low noise, and optimum stopping power, choose Greenstuff brake discs for unrivaled performance. EBC brake rotors are somewhat unique in that they use 'E-Coating' to provide an extra layer of protection against rust.


EBC Brakes GD7661 brake rotor

EBC brake rotors are designed with a high level of precision. The parts are made from top-quality cast iron that is blended to make sure they fit together well and that there is no warping. This helps the rotors last longer because they won't warp or break if they don't get proper assembly or transportation. The flanges on the EBC brake rotors have cooling fins that help prevent them from overheating before it happens by providing more surface area contact with each vane groove, which makes heat dissipate more freely than standard straight flanges.

BC Brakes GD7661 brake rotor 

This is our new item EBC Brakes GD7661. This product has been released to the 2015-2020 Hyundai Santa Fe V6 3.3L model only before. Still, we have a bigger brake disc version, so it can be adopted for all factory models without replacing the hub carrier, and 2WD and 4WD are covered with this part number. It saves your time by avoiding removing the old one off firstly and changing a whole new aftermarket braking system on your car! So if you are looking for an efficient replacement brake rotor, look no further than here!


EBC Brakes are known for bringing sporty looks to sporty applications while adding the needed components that demand extreme use. With its sexy stylized design, EBC is leading brake rotor technology because of its innovative 6-bolt center hub design. This patented system allows for better heat control and superior strength against warping. Speaking of high-tech features, the GD Sport Rotors incorporate a new Versa Vane-shaped air gap area. This allows superior dust ejection to further help reduce your risk against premature wear and rotor warpage between consecutive street or race events. The EBC Disc Brake Rotor (GD7661) is a trusted brake rotor that has become known for its reasonable prices and overall high quality.



EBC Brakes RK7622 brake rotor

This set of brake rotors is from a great brand. They are made for different driving conditions, like street or track driving. You should change these brake pads after 3000-3500 miles so that your Santa Fe stays safe.

EBC Brakes RK7622 brake rotor


The rotor within this complete, high-quality EBC brake disc kit is manufactured from a cast-iron specially designed for a new generation of motorsport. The cast iron composition provides superior strength and thermal characteristics, which create a negligible fade or wear during prolonged use while also offering excellent resistance to cracking. These high-performance 2011-2021 Hyundai Santa Fe brake rotors feature the latest in automotive technology with slots for cooling for improved heat dissipation and ventilation to eliminate warping on repeated braking, even under extreme conditions. Aerodynamic fins at the outer edge cool the discs further while providing added structural integrity from lateral loads that can occur during aggressive braking maneuvers.


Off-Road upgrades are the best way to get your Hyundai Santa Fe's serious off-road performance potential. EBC Brakes is an excellent replacement for your factory braking system with its advanced rotor quality. They make high-grade brake rotors providing optimum stopping power and performance.

EBC Brakes RK7661 brake rotor

The rotor is a part of the brake. It is designed to withstand heat from braking. It also cools the brake pads by being grooved. The rotor can be worn down by foreign objects or not designed in a way that will help with anything it needs to do for brakes. EBC Brakes is one of the top companies in rotor products, including organic disc rotors, drilled and slotted disc rotors, replacement brake rotors, etc.

EBC Brakes RK7661 brake rotor

Expertly geared rotor to create proper brake balance for your Hyundai Santa Fe description: 

  • Double disc ground surface finish.
  • Drill slots between each ring end gap.
  • Wheel studs were installed on the non-drive side.


Brake rotors are designed to stop cars. Brake pads are the things that make the rotor move. The rotor is bolted firmly between two parts, which comprise what you think of as your wheel assembly, including rims. The caliper holds the brake pad against the inside of the rotor with great force via a mechanical linkage. EBC Brakes are available at Genesis Tuners.


  • The EBC brake rotor GD7622 is designed for cars weighing up to 3300 lbs, with tires weighing 2740 g each.
  • The EBC Brakes GD7661 brake rotor provides the best features in braking with their innovative 6-bolt center hub design.
  • The RK7622 brake rotor kit includes a high-quality cast iron rotor with cooling slots and resistance to cracking.
  • The EBC Brakes RK7661 brake rotor had drill slots between each ring end gap.