The Hyundai Sonata’s much-ballyhooed makeover for HY014B.51001 is much more than skin deep. The latest generation of the Sonatas elevates the mid-size four-door sedan with a bold, aggressive design and an inherent performance thanks to its new platform and class-leading powertrains. Setting itself apart from the rest in this highly competitive segment, the redesigned Sonata is particularly appealing across all price points and trim levels that appeal to all kinds of buyers.

There’s probably no better way to make you feel safe while driving than with a high-performance rotor providing excellent stopping power and feedback. With correctly selected and installed disc brake rotors, larger calipers, and higher performance pads allow for more responsive braking to even the larger vehicles! Not only that but breaking with these products is much more stable under heavy load or at speeds that require breaking harder. This is where our wide range of disc brakes come into play! Check out this list below!

Genesis Tuners has a decent selection of parts for your Hyundai Sonata. Should you be shopping for the disc brake rotor, here are 5 options that we recommend based on materials used and customer reviews.

EBC Brakes GD7727 brake rotor

EBC has been a world leader in brake technology for over 40 years, delivering high-performance brake systems and components under the Black Stuff®, ATEC-Original Equipment™, XtraTuff®, Ferodo®, and SportStop® brands. Globally, EBC offers a complete line of performance braking solutions for all types of vehicles, including service replacement rotors that meet or exceed OE design parameters as well as direct-fit applications designed to reduce installation time. This complete offering includes everything from organic OE replacement parts to race track proven performance products engineered to meet specific application requirements.

HY131GR520 is based in Italy, but they manufacture their brake rotors in different plants around the world. All of their products are legal for worldwide import and export. Their GDC range has an abrasion-resistant Iron-Fiberglass layer set on a Grade GF cast iron with curved cooling vanes that increase surface area for superior cooling characteristics. These vane-type OD systems are known to handle high temperatures very well. That’s why EBC offers them in multiple sizes to select from depending upon one’s vehicle application.

EBC brakes rotor is manufactured from a proprietary alloy that has been aged at 2000 degrees F for 4 hours. Every brake rotor is then shot, peened, sanded and zinc coated to ensure total corrosion resistance. We started in a small spare bedroom of an apartment in 2003 after an employee of EBC had a bad experience with a competitor's product and decided he wanted something better! He is starting to work out the bugs on his own car... 'Testing' almost every night after work using scores of friends/coworkers who were kind enough to let him use their cars as guinea pigs.

These brake pads are made never fade for a consistent, reliable braking setup. We recommend premium brake fluid if replacing OEM equipment.

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EBC Brakes RK7727 brake rotor

For club racing, track days, or just daily spirited driving, you need to stop quickly. New discs are only part of the equation for cool looks and great braking performance. You want sport rotors to give your car that eye-catching bladed look. Our sport brakes also extend rotor life dramatically with their open contour, which helps prevent cracking caused by excessive heat transfer - you can drive faster or harder without fear of damage! Other distinctive features include cooling slots around the hub area, which allow airflow through reducing temperature build-up even during intense activity; radiused Delrin push pads ensure positive feel and quiet operation; Asbestos-free friction.

These rotors and pads are designed to be used together and provide the maximum stopping power and minimum dust. Suitable for vehicles that typically require a large amount of braking, like Jeep Wranglers, heavy-duty cargo trucks, fleet vehicles, etc.

Many years of production experience in the processing and manufacturing of passenger car and motorcycle brake discs, EBC Brake Company offers a wide range dedicated to rebuilding components under the trade name 'EBC Race Series.'

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EBC Brakes S20K2192 brake rotor

If you’re on the hunt for a new brake rotor, look no further than EBC’s award-winning flagship compound. The S20K2192 from HY131GR520 will help slow down your Hyundai Veloster 4 cyl 16 peak horsepower engine with its performance street version of their popular Ultimax2 race rotor. This item comes complete with a lifetime warranty that guarantees superior quality and superb stopping power under even the most rigorous conditions unmatched by anything else today.

Hyundai Veloster is a car with many names. At times it was called the Scoupe; at other times, the Kia7. Regardless of this model's name, you must be aware that it has weak brakes that are not always adequate to keep up with its power capacity. These brakes tend to fade, causing serious problems on tracks or twisty roads, for example. If you care about your vehicle and do not want accidents on the road because of all this, one thing you can do is revamp your braking system completely by getting high-performance EBC brake rotors.

Brake Specialists HY131GR520 introduces the latest special advanced technology ceramic disc brake pad series, called S20. The 'S' means 1) Superlative Friction Performance; 2) Superior Durability; 3) Slower Wear Rate; and 4) Safer Braking Performance even at higher temperatures. Performance: OEM Friction Material: 0g Versus EBC Redstuff: 0.2g (PERFORMANCE DIFFERENTIAL IS SKY HIGH): Once you feel this difference, we know you will never go back to stock pads again…

HY131GR520 is a Netherlands-based company, which specializes in the research and development of friction components for Heavy Duty cars, SUVs and Light Duty Trucks. HY131GR520 patented friction products combine premium German-engineered materials with unmatched production techniques, leading to dust-free rings resulting from unbelievably low inherent frictional properties. Better brake modulation gives you a quicker response during acceleration whilst maximizing your pedal feel on braking, allowing you to ‘feel’ ahead of time if your vehicle will stop on the limit preventing stubborn surface slide or lock up.

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EBC Brakes PP15346-19 brake rotor

HY131GR520 is an expert in brake design. It makes one of the most innovative braking systems on the market, and it has been working for years with OEM racing teams to ensure that its customers receive state-of-the-art products. With this rotor, you will be able to take control of your Hyundai Veloster over any road surface. This part fits Honda Civic '09-'14, Kia Forte '10+ immobilizer key fobs; Melissan Elantra GLS '11+, Elantra coupe & four-door 2012+, Santa Fe sport 2015+, Tiburon 11'+.

The EBC Spectro RS STOPPER is a high-performance street/track brake disc designed around the specific requirements of cars, including those with ABS braking systems. By utilizing a highly advanced nickel-based proprietary Metal Enhanced Friction Material (MFMS) that has been carefully formulated to work exclusively with EBC’s rotor forging facilities, the resulting discs provide excellent braking power and unparalleled fade resistance. They are ideal for use in extreme climates and where pad wear is premium due to lightweight rotors or aggressive pad compound selection.

The EBC brake rotor is specially designed for your vehicle. You can purchase it online at Genesis Tuners to further enhance the customer experience with us. Autocannon fuses these two sectors into one brand that enables you to get everything from brakes, exhausts, and suspension components customized to the exact requirements delivered directly from us in 3 days. A family business established in 1995, they serve a huge range of motorsport customers, including professional motorsports teams and grassroots motorsport enthusiasts across Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

Here are the parts you will need for an upgrade:

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