Top 4 best disc brake rotors for the Hyundai Equus

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If you are in the market for a new disc brake rotor for your Hyundai Equus, then this blog post is perfect for you. We've researched and found the top 4 best disc brake rotors that will work with your car.

Table of contents

  1. About Hyundai Equus
  2. EBC Brakes GD7564 brake rotors
  3. EBC Brakes GD7592 brake rotors
  4. EBC Brakes RK7564 brake rotors
  5. EBC Brakes RK7592 brake rotors
  6. Takeaways

About Hyundai Equus

The Hyundai Equus is impressive to look at, both inside and out. The restyled grille evokes a more modern appearance while providing better air circulation for enhanced performance. Exhibiting the premium-class ambiance that you've expected from the Luxury model, the materials used are of high quality, whether for soft cushions or hard body components. This car is a luxury car that still has good performance. It also looks nice when you look at it from the outside.

Hyundai Equus 2021

The Hyundai Equus is an executive car that has been in the market for several years. Recently, a facelift saw some major changes done to the exterior and interior of this premium sedan. However, owners may wish to consider upgrading brakes for additional stopping power when it comes to braking performance. The noise-free stopping power can be made possible with aftermarket components.

If you have a Hyundai Equus, you can improve the braking performance by installing aftermarket disc brake rotors. Some put it on for different aesthetics, while others prioritize getting that added stopping power (guaranteed). And to help you zero in on the set of discs brake rotor best for your Equus, we've compiled our top 4 list based on durability and aesthetic value. They are also compatible with many other Hyundai models, so if you own one or two other models, this might be the perfect upgrade!

EBC Brakes GD7564 brake rotors

The EBC Brakes GD7564 drilled rotor is designed to be used with the stock brake pads. The rotors are also offered painted for an additional cost. Not included but recommended are performance street brake pads. Every premium component of our upscale selection of Rotor Replacement products for your Hyundai Equus come standard with the highest:

  • Quality power performance
  • Driver control
  •  Self-confidence

 This factory's original OEM replacement disc brake rotor has a Hub Diameter of 34mm.

EBC Brakes GD7564 brake rotors

Blending into the sleek and sporty look of this incredibly luxurious car, our brake rotors for this car offers up an ample stopping force. The air-vented disc rotors are grooved so they can withstand extreme temperatures. It assures safe driving with total confidence. Fronts GD series rotor is built by high-quality SIG 620 iron casting, which means that they are more reliable and last longer than an original equipment manufacturer rotor.  One of the advantages of this design is that it reduces fatigue. So, you can use it for a longer time without getting tired. It also improves performance under different conditions keeping their quality and safe. Kingpin D1396 also provides top-notch braking performance along with great front-end looks. 

The GDI rotor has a unique design. It is a great combination of service life, optimal performance, and wet braking power. The GD Rotors are made from high-grade aerospace spec alloys and are cast finished honed physically cycle-tested. They have not shown cracks, voids, or any other type of defects that compromise the rotor's integrity (tested after machining again). The overall finish is then HP diamond cut for extra protection against flexing. The design of this GD series uses Iron ceramic hybrid technology to provide exceptional stopping power. It also has low thermal distortion characteristics, making it one of the most robust brakes on the market.

EBC Brakes GD7592 brake rotors

The rotor GD7592 features an optimized internal cross-section designed with straight vane geometry that gives optimal cooling properties for performance braking in various conditions. The specially milled grooves on the braking surface ensure fast pad wear while keeping top-notch friction value. This also serves to decrease dust generation while giving you better control over your brake pedal without fading under severe high-performance use.

EBC Brakes GD7592 brake rotors

EBC Brakes produces a large selection of brake rotors for European vehicles. This rotor will fit many cars with a 5x114 bolt pattern and is thicker than the DOT standard to ensure maximum safety and reliability on the road.

The EBC GD7592 rotor can withstand high heat levels for extended periods thanks to the inclusion of high carbon-content iron metal. Their precision-engineered vane design helps to decrease dust while giving you better control of your brakes. You will not have to worry about the brake pedal fading when you use it a lot. Anti-corrosion phosphate coatings help extend the life of your brake rotors. They also make sure that you have an optimal and safe stopping after installation. If you're looking for a serious upgrade that reduces warping without taking away from your braking power, then check out the EBC Brakes GD7592 rotor!

EBC Brakes RK7564 brake rotors

Your new rotor kit will prevent your car from poor braking because it will eliminate warped rotors that are out of round or have low friction surfaces. The kit comes with brand-new high-quality slotted or drilled & slotted front and rear style brake rotors in various sizes (such as 15', 16', 17' 20' 22') to fit most applications, including Hyundai Equus.


EBC Brakes RK7564 brake rotors

From the first moment you enter our doors, EBC Brakes™ welcomes you with an unsurpassed experience by other brake manufacturers. This company has a passion for your vehicle, and quality is always at the top of its list. No matter what type of driving you want or style that applies to your region, Topline product research and development goes into every component we manufacture, so the results are far beyond competitive products. Their innovative entry into various markets has not only redefined the braking performance period but has left them entering completely new markets as well.

EBC Brakes RK7592 brake rotors

Needless to say, EBC Brakes rotors are the names to be considered when it comes to choosing your brakes. Equally impressive in both performance and life expectancy, their disc rotors are built with durability as one of their top priorities. Equipped with premium-grade slots that are machined directly into solid iron discs without the use of welding, gluing, or riveting, these rotors provide maximum resistance to cracking under stress while giving you complete confidence every time you step on the brake pedal.

EBC Brakes RK7592 brake rotors

These rotors are designed for high performance through low weight. They act as brakes and help reduce overall vehicle weight (like the flywheel, transmission, and tires). They are made of high carbon cast iron with no powder coating, etching, or painting that would dilute the quality of the disc rotor. This item is the lightest 510 g set in its class. When you need to replace the brake rotors on your Hyundai Equus, EBC Brake Rotors are a convenient way to go. They are made to fit your vehicle perfectly; These rotors will cut down on grinding noise for noticeably smoother braking after installation.


  • The Hyundai Equus is a luxury car with an updated design, high-quality materials, and better air circulation.
  • The 4 best brake rotors for Equus are also compatible with many other models of Hyundai cars.
  • The EBC Brakes GD7564 drilled rotor is designed to be used with the stock brake pads. Fronts GD series rotor is built from high-quality iron casting which results in long lasting, reliable rotors.
  • The GD7592 rotor features an optimized internal geometry with straight vane and milled grooves that decreases dust generation while giving you better braking.
  • Your new EBC Brakes RK7564 brake rotor kit will keep your car brakes from wearing down by replacing warped rotors with high-quality slotted or drilled & slotted front and rear style brake rotors.
  • EBC Brakes RK7592 brake rotors are made of solid iron and have no welding or rivets.These rotors are designed to be very light, while still being high performing.