Top 4 best exhaust system for the Hyundai Azera

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If you're looking for an exhaust system that will last a long time, then look no further than the top 4 options below. Genesis Tuners has put together this blog post to make it easy for everyone who owns the Hyundai Azera to get the four best exhaust systems out there. You've come to the right place! Let's get started.

Table of contents

  1. About Hyundai Azera
  2. MagnaFlow 23010 exhaust system
  3. MagnaFlow 50317 exhaust system
  4. MagnaFlow 50445 exhaust system
  5. MagnaFlow 50757 exhaust system
  6. Takeaways

About Hyundai Azera

Before Hyundai introduced the Genesis sedan, the Azera was considered Hyundai's flagship vehicle. The Azera has some nameplates worldwide, known in South Korea as the Grandeur. Also is plotted between the Hyundai Sonata that is a midsize car and the full-size Genesis.

In 2006, the United States saw the Azera in its fourth generation for the first time and had real success, not only in the U.S but also in South America, China, and the Middle East. Currently, this car is one of the most expensive and best-selling vehicles of Hyundai. The Hyundai Azera model is different from others because it has a list of new features and designs. It has the signature flowing body style, comfortable cabin, appealing design, and good powertrain and efficiency. The Hyundai Azera is one of the friendliest cars for the environment. They are very good at not emitting too much gas. This car is excellent and helps you get around efficiently. Modern Hyundai cars are known for their quality build and power. A new design in the exhaust system will allow your Azera to increase its performance and efficiency.

Hyundai Azera 3.0 GDi

Genesis Tuners carries a wide inventory of performance parts for the Hyundai Azera. Whether you are looking to drop your car onto its roof or want to tune and rev up without interfering with your commute, we can help make sure that they meet and even exceed your expectations. Within the extensive product line offered by Genesis Tuners is this carefully crafted four best exhausts we recommend for anyone driving an Azera. Each one comes with respective specifications about their brands, their quality, power gains (if applicable), as well as application notations.

MagnaFlow 23010 exhaust system

The MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter is designed for easy bolt-on installation for the professional installers. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and has a thermo-set muffler body for optimum sound absorption. It utilizes sturdy clamps to attach the downstream pipe to the vehicle's exhaust system. This catalytic converter Left-Hand Swing fits the following vehicle: 2005 - 2013 Hyundai Azera.

MagnaFlow HM Grade Federal/EPA Compliant Direct-Fit Catalytic Converter 23010

MagnaFlow exhaust systems are designed to get the job done. That's why there are various sound levels available; some states don't allow too much noise, others want the race car sound, and most want that deep throaty tone in between. Plus, there is practically a system for every budget. These MagnaFlow converters fit right into your OEM converter location. They are easy to install without any modifications to the stock piping or cutting and welding required. The converters from MagnaFlow meet EPA requirements.

Ever since its debut in 1981, this brand has been well known throughout the automotive industry. Some of their highest-quality parts are pipes, mufflers, resonators, cones, and other exhaust components. Buying an exhaust system from Genesis Tuners means that you are investing in your car's performance through increased power or better fuel efficiency together with reduced emissions or improved sound. We pride ourselves on speed delivery to all 50 states and worldwide locations where needed.

MagnaFlow 50317 exhaust system

The MagnaFlow performance exhaust provides an option for the Hyundai owners who want to upgrade their current restrictive factory system. While many believe that aftermarket exhausts cannot enhance power and mileage, this is not true. Quality products such as Magnaflow cat-back systems aren't free from catalytic converters and other replacement parts. Still, they provide many advantages over stock engines because they allow your car to breathe effectively, increasing horsepower and torque.

Magnaflow 50317 Direct Fit Catalytic Converter

You can count on the MagnaFlow brand when you need to replace your 2010 Hyundai Azera exhaust system. Their model 50317 with a 3 inches front pipe cat-back exhaust system will deliver to your car a great balanced sound that will perform better than stock. When it comes to manufacturing Cat-Back and Exhaust Systems for performance vehicles, one of the best at doing just that would have to be MagnaFlow from their dedication towards producing some of the highest quality pipes out on the market.

MagnaFlow 50445 exhaust system

MagnaFlow's mufflers have been a familiar sight to performance enthusiasts for years, thanks to their show-car appearance. They come coated in protective high-temperature coating and pulse-tested before shipment, so you know they will be ready out of the box. The dedicated racing version is made from stainless steel tubing with a 2.25' diameter tip opening.

MagnaFlow 50445 HM Grade Federal / EPA Compliant Manifold Catalytic Converter

The MagnaFlow exhaust system is designed to add 25 horsepower and travels through 1-3/4' piping to reduce heat and improve engine performance. This system comes with a backing bracket for the catalytic converter and bolts up to the factory connecting pipes without cutting, expanding, or modifying your vehicle.

The MagnaFlow® Performance exhaust system is an excellent choice for your Hyundai. You get measured performance, unique looks, and proven durability under even the hardest driving conditions. Plus, each system is custom-configured with straight-through or step muffler designs ideal for getting more power by dumping unneeded backpressure that's associated with restrictive OE systems! All this at a great price backed by one of the best warranties in the industry!

MagnaFlow has been a leader in Exhaust Technology, and its products can be found on both street-driven cars and race-driven vehicles. MagnaFlow specializes in exhaust technology and is one of the top sources for performance, sound, and superior quality aftermarket exhausts. They specialize in three distinct product categories: MagnaFlow Performance Cat-Back Systems, OEM Replacement Catalytic Converters/Exhaust Systems, Oval Exhausts. They cover Passenger Cars & Light Trucks all the way through Sport Compact Carriers.

MagnaFlow 50757 exhaust system

Magnaflow Inc. has specialized in making exhaust systems for most cars since 1981. This company makes exhaust systems for Hyundai Sonata, which is a popular car. Its operations include manufacturing and assembly line integration (for all types of trucks). Their warehouse is located in Fontana, California, and from there, they ship their products around the United States. Magnaflow is an ISO 9001 certified company whose employees are dedicated to the core values of :

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Responsive customer service
  • Competitive pricing/margins
  • Maintaining top-of-industry designs
  • Engineering technology

All these values assure that this brand delivers higher than industry average returns on invested capital.

MagnaFlow 50757 HM Grade Federal / EPA Compliant Manifold Catalytic Converter

MagnaFlow creates exhaust components that are designed for overall performance, comfort, sound levels, and durability. They are boldly designed to not only look different but perform at a higher level. Supreme Sound Compact rolled muffler compact in size fits with easy installation providing maximum power output without sacrificing quality. This model enhances your vehicle's performance by adding more horses to the engine without significant street or driving noise enhancement. The stainless steel tip is perfect for off-road driving as it keeps the elements out of the chassis keeping it looking classy on-the-runway yet durable enough for any terrain.

There is a simple reason why those manufacturing and designing exhaust systems use pipes as part of their products. Pipes contribute to efficiency, productivity, and cover services by performing their function as desired. An exhaust system is made specifically and maintains the highest flow rate if it uses pipes rather than other several chamber devices under an otherwise similar working state. It is possible because pipes allow free passage of gases, emitting fewer harmful elements into the environment with the added benefit. Unlike before, it also helps reduce emissions, where almost all cars used mufflers, membranes, and packing material to maintain gas burn rate inside several chambers under an inert environment or even higher pressure than needed.

MagnaFlow Catalytic converters are excellent replacements for OEM catalysts of your Hyundai. They will work with your stock exhaust system, even if the body of the converter is larger than your original. They feature a bolt-on for an easy installation. MagnaFlow systems have fully integrated 200 Cell technology that makes them slightly bigger in diameter than their counterparts. This performance exhaust has been granted emissions certification. It is street legal in all 50 states and meets EPA requirements (without EO numbers).


  • The Hyundai Azera is one of the friendliest cars for the environment.
  • The MagnaFlow 23010 is made from steel and has a special muffler to make less noise. The clamps on the exhaust pipe help it stay in place and protect against heat.
  • The MagnaFlow 50317 3 inches front pipe cat-back exhaust system for your car will deliver a great balanced sound that will perform better than stock.
  • MagnaFlow 50445 exhaust system is designed to add 25 horsepower and travels through 1-3/4' piping to reduce heat and improve engine performance.
  • MagnaFlow 50757 exhaust system is an excellent replacement for your OEM catalysts. It will work with your stock exhaust system, even if the body of the converter is larger than your original.