Top 4 best strut bar for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe


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When you are looking to upgrade your Hyundai Genesis Coupe, one of the first thing that most owners think about is the strut bar. Strut bars are essential for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. They provide stability, reduce chassis flex through tight corners, and help to keep your steering stable even at high speeds. These four strut bars will keep your ride tight and stable!

Table of contents

  1. Why use a strut bar on the Hyundai Genesis Coupe?
  2. AEM Intakes 29-0006 strut
  3. DC Sports CSB1502 strut
  4. Cusco HY1 540 A strut
  5. ARK ST0702-0102FB strut
  6. Takeaways

Why use a strut bar on the Hyundai Genesis Coupe?

The Hyundai Genesis is the South Korean automaker’s flagship luxury sedan and one of five current models in its lineup. In stock form, it packs a high-performance 274 horsepower 2.0L Turbo engine mated to either a manual or automatic transmission with an 8-speed torque converter, making it one of the sportiest sedans in its class for under $30k. To protect the car from damage caused by suspension wear and general wear and tear, some owners add strut bars that help reduce body flexing when going over bumps or around tight bends, etc. The result is a tighter steering feel and improvement.

Slapping aftermarket components on your strut tower is a good idea. This will make it look good, and it will also be lighter and function better. It is a crucial location in your Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo. Removing the OEM strut bar will aid engine performance and destroy drive train stiffness. Doing so will provide:

  1. Lower body roll.
  2. Greater steering responsiveness to pivotal movements.
  3. The stiffer suspension under extreme braking forces.
  4. Increased tire life because you can still use top gear when cornering sideways. Thus increasing handling stability.
  5. Deliver competitive lap times in racing conditions.
  6. Resists incline change during heavy acceleration without the fear of body rollover.

A strut bar can effectively help you stiffen the front end to enhance driver feel and performance as well as reduce understeer. Here are our top 4 best strut bars after hours of tests and comparisons. Snag one from Genesis Tuners for Genesis Coupe equipped with Getrag. In this way, you could improve the handling of your Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Genesis Tuners has a complete inventory of the strut bars.

AEM Intakes 29-0006 strut

The strut bar from AEM is a popular piece of aftermarket equipment. It strengthens the bottom of your Genesis Coupe's strut tower with an aircraft alloy rod core. This part provides better support than the typical steel bars do. This serves to prevent chassis damage and enhance steering response. Its ability to disperse stresses reduces the risk of failure from fatigue or sudden impacts. This AEM Strut Bar will protect your Hyundai Genesis Coupe from damage for years. You can buy it now!

AEM Intakes 29-0006 strut

In 2008, AEM was the first company to release a direct-plug add-on gauge to add a boost or pressure sensor that gives accurate air intake temperature and lambda readings. One year later, they made their 3300 series gauges, which were very popular because they were crisp and precise. Soon after, in 2011, AEM got an award from Russian company TUV Rheinland for their gauges that are sealed and that change color depending on the conditions.

Suspension Struts are a must-have performance upgrade for any modern vehicle. A strut is what connects your lower control arm to the knuckle on your suspension. These struts in the front of cars and trucks help them move. They connect and allow for movement in one way while not allowing unwanted movement in a different direction. For example, when a car goes over a bump in the road, it corrects itself from going up. But not when the body rolls over the tire, causing it to go down when transitioning from off-throttle to on-throttle. You will get the best quality aftermarket car parts from them. They are perfectly engineered and will protect your engine from the weather, even in hot or cold environments. You should buy these because they are cheap, but because these are high-quality!

DC Sports CSB1502 strut

The DC Sports strut is a device designed to make your car safe and durable for driving down the road. By using aircraft-grade carbon steel for the struts, you will avoid a corroded or rusted part over time, and you will be able to have a performance that lasts for many years. It can even last longer than expensive sports cars. DC has a line of products that are different from any other company. This is because their manufacturing process lets them add holes for level sensors and anti-lift devices depending on the application, being this one from Hyundai.

DC Sports CSB1502 strut

Some aftermarket bars are better than the ones that come with your car. The Genesis-R front bars from Asphalt use a bar that is made of a stiffer material. They use an advanced composite, which many other companies use. New technology was created by DC Sport with advanced weave development and vacuum infusion to make this possible. This design cannot rust or corrode, and it will not degrade over time. The high-grade welding process is done with 5 Axis CNC Mills to make sure everything is straight. The perfect orientation on the critical weld lines. DC Sports is Genesis Tuners´ exclusive tuning line-up for Hyundai vehicles. DC Sports upper strut mounts provide maximum stiffness in the car and less twists in the chassis for a sharper driving experience.

Cusco HY1 540 A strut

The Cusco strut bar is designed for each car's front suspension geometry. The design ensures that the handling and response are Optimus. The design of the car is improved by connecting the driver's side shock towers. The control arms can twist more easily at high steering rack angles without causing an increased force to the shock absorbers. This makes it easier to drive in extreme conditions. Also, specially developed coil spring isolators can effectively separate the bouncing caused by engine swaying from coil springs.

Cusco HY1 540 A strut

Cusco 02-05 Hyundai Genesis Coupe HY1 540 A is a complete replacement for the rear upper strut tower. The unit attaches to the factory mounting points. It comes with bushings made of urethane and metal pieces for attaching it. This kit includes other chassis braces to help give extra stiffness to the chassis as a whole. These work as a JB-style brace welded at multiple points to increase strength structurally and prevent bending or buckling of your vehicle's body. Every part of this product has been designed from beginning to end, so there is no worry about compatibility. So there are no worries that parts will not work because you modified the car or if it has an aftermarket system.

Cusco pioneered the use of strut bars in motorsports and super sports cars. It is known as one of the leading suppliers of high-performance suspension components used by automotive and motorcycle manufacturers worldwide. It has set up 22 different companies to manufacture a variety of car accessories for both racing and performance on the street. Cusco was founded over 45 years ago, with the main aim of customer satisfaction; it remains as committed as ever to delivering top-quality parts for those who share their love of adventure. They meet the expectations every step along the way.

ARK ST0702-0102FB strut

The ARK strut bar comes in a black finish and is made from solid aircraft-grade stainless steel. The advantage of the material used allows them to take on extreme heat while remaining very durable against everyday road hazards that may come their way. It also adds a great visual statement to your Genesis Coupe's understated body lines. You can feel secure knowing this high-quality product will last a long time while providing excellent performance! It feels fantastic going fast through twisties because you know there won't be any cracking sounds coming from beneath you. Why wait? Get yours today!

ARK ST0702-0102FB strut

The ST Series provides the perfect combination of performance, style, and practicality offered by its modern form. This high-quality strut has a beautiful appearance that stands out from other cars. Artistic design and racing performance with unexpected yet stylish details give this high-quality strut a subtle yet truly one-of-a-kind appearance. It is engineered for the person who wants to have a good driving experience and know that it is possible only with the best parts. We trust ARK's ability to draw perfect lines with their 3D modeling, which can be rotated 360 degrees when installing them.

In collaboration with the racing division of Hyundai Motor America, Inc., the engineers of ARK developed their own line of strut bar systems for all Genesis Coupe models. This Alloy steel design provides increased body stiffness that effectively minimizes body flex under hard cornering to deliver quicker turn-in response and greater driver confidence behind the wheel. The installation process does not require any modifications to your vehicle (no drilling nor cutting). It mounts via brackets on each end which securely anchors it. This part could be painted if necessary through an automotive vendor or custom powder coated at home to suit your desired look. Some say their strut will improve cornering over the stock setup, handling is also improved greatly for autocross or track days. Sway bar upgrade is needed at most but they recommend it.


  • The AEM Intake 29-0006 strut is designed with a CNC-machined aircraft alloy core rod, which strengthens itself while providing precise support compared to conventional steel bars.
  • DC sport offers a high-grade welding process, utilizing 5 Axis CNC Mills to make sure everything's perfect straight orientation on critical weld lines.
  •  The developed coil spring isolators are capable of separating the bouncing caused by engine swaying from coil springs, effectively using the Cusco's Strut bar. 
  • You can feel secure knowing that the ARK ST0702-0102FB strut will last a long time while providing awesome performance.