Top 4 best taillight for the Hyundai Elantra

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In the world of aftermarket lighting, there are a lot of options to choose from. Many people have been asking us what taillight they should get for their Elantra, and we figured it would be a great idea to write an article about our top 4 choices. You can't go wrong with these top 4 taillights for the Hyundai Elantra. These products and more you can find in our store.

Table of contents

  1. A closer look at the Hyundai Elantra
  2. TYC Genera 11-6903-00 taillight
  3. TYC Genera 11-6904-00 taillight
  4. TYC Genera 11-9084-00 taillight
  5. TYC Genera 17-5674-00-9 taillight
  6. Takeaways

A closer look at the Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra is a compact car produced by the South Korean manufacturer Hyundai since 1990. Since the company launched the car, it has been sold over three generations in two types of cars, one with four doors (sedan) and one with five doors known as Elantra. With new, improved LED taillights in the 2016 models, now is a perfect time to buy a stylish ride. They have great features, and they look cool too. Numerous aftermarket parts are available for the Elantra GLS with accessories like:

  • Grilles
  • Body kits
  • Headlight kits
  • Taillights

Some of the most popular taillight kits are those that replace your lighting and your backup lights. It is easy to install, is inexpensive, and no hiccups or replacements are needed along the way. When you're looking for taillights, there's nothing quite as important as the quality of the light that shines through those bulbs. When purchasing a set of lights and switching out your old ones, you need to consider style, functionality, and affordability. With these criteria in mind, we steer you towards our top four picks for the best taillights on the market today.

TYC Genera 11-6903-00 taillight

TYC Genera taillight for Hyundai Elantra comes complete with 3rd brake light and still has a 12v style socket. Make your vehicle more stylish with TYC genuine parts. The product is made in China under the ISO/TS16949 quality system to meet OEM standards & competitive prices.

TYC Genera 11-6903-00 taillight

These headlights from TYC Genera are the right outer LH Lower corner for front bumper replacement. There are many things to worry about when you're on the road, but safety should be your number one priority. These replicas from TYC Genera will provide an extra layer of security to keep you safe! When superior quality is a must, we know you'll choose brand names like these. This product has been tested and meets the standards for protection. So, it is well known that it is very effective and efficient. These headlights ensure maximum visibility at all times, so no matter how bad weather conditions might appear, thanks to them you are now keeping both yourself and those around you safe.

Don't let an inattentive driver make your night. Help others be aware of our LED upgrade for Elantra! TYC Genera taillight gives you the peace of mind to know that when the fun ends, their taillights are still lit. And suppose they carelessly bump into someone or something while turning. In that case, they'll have all of 6 seconds before being flashed conspicuously with three strategically placed LEDs at eye-catching speeds up to 400 flashes per second. The TYC taillight is easy to install. It comes with the new version of patented brackets for installation without drilling holes; also, an all-weather seal will keep out water and dirt. The glare guard on the outer lens helps give you clear rear vision at night.

TYC Genera 11-6904-00 taillight

The TYC Taillight is an aftermarket part for people who need a replacement of high quality. This aftermarket taillight is brand new, manufactured with high standards of quality and craftsmanship in design to improve vehicle safety. These durable lights are designed to be just as good as the original equipment and last a long time.

TYC Genera 11-6904-00 taillight

TYC is the biggest supplier of automotive lighting in the world. They make high-quality headlight bulbs. It is hard to buy a headlight bulb because they are expensive. So, in the economic aspect, this product has an affordable price. This is a good thing because buying a headlight nowadays isn't cheap. And you don't have to because now you can just buy from us and get the best prices, plus top quality parts that will keep your car looking as it did from day one. In addition to improved styling each year, all new cars offer better aerodynamics, more usable space inside their interiors, along with multiple technological innovations inside their dashboards offering greater convenience for you.

Car headlights serve a vital function, keeping you safe on the road and making sure other drivers can safely discern where you are going. Essentially, they tell people what you are doing while driving. Some makers put halos on their new lights. Others don’t include any fog lights in the car’s default set of features at all! If it is foggy or rainy, you might need a custom set of aftermarket lights for clear visibility.

TYC Genera 11-9084-00 taillight

The TYC Genera 11-9084-00 taillight for Hyundai Elantra is a perfect choice if you want to get your car an updated and unique look! This plug-and-play replacement will allow you to install the product in just a few minutes. Do not hesitate! Order now! Aftermarket parts should only be bought from reputable sellers like Genesis Tuners because they provide great service and high-quality products.

TYC Genera 11-9084-00 taillight

The Taillight TYC Genera is specifically engineered to provide outstanding performance for daily drivers, weekend racers, or anyone else that wants reliability and great styling all rolled into one. The taillight will give you precise fitment along with better visibility during nighttime driving, lower repair costs compared to OE quality lamps. The unit features an initial brightness of 900 candelas at 5500k color temperature within 2 hours after turn-on status, which blends well during daylight running conditions.

New Taillights use special phosphors to make photons into colors red and amber. The science behind these new Taillight involves doped fluorophores or dyes inside the micro-filaments, which emit light as they convert photons to visible wavelengths. What you'll see happening on your way home is similar to what happens when one looks through a diffraction grating; some grooves separate one wavelength from another. This creates beautiful and vibrant rainbow-like images that weren't easily achievable before with the standard backlighting LEDs.

TYC Genera 17-5674-00-9 taillight

The tail lights or tail lamps of a vehicle or motorcycle are used to warn and indicate such a vehicle's presence and position when it's parked, not in motion. Operational brake lamps are lights that show when the person uses the brakes. This can be done using a link or hydraulic pressure to make semi-circle-shaped light units and lenses signaling left/right turns. There are also side marker lights for traffic monitoring.

TYC Genera 17-5674-00-9 taillight

To fix taillight defects, TYC Brother Industrial has released a taillight for your Elantra. The taillight is sold under part number TYC Genera 17-5674-00-9. It features a clear lens to allow taillights to shine brightly.  The taillight is designed to replace the factory taillight directly and comes with original factory quality. It will ensure that you will have the right taillight on your Elantra for a long time to come.


  • TYC Genera 11-6903-00 taillight for Hyundai Elantra comes complete with 3rd brake light and still has a 12v style socket.
  • TYC Genera 11-6904-00 taillight is brand new, manufactured with high standards of quality and craftsmanship in design to improve vehicle safety.
  • The TYC Genera 11-9084-00 taillight features an initial brightness of 900 candelas at 5500k color temperature within 2 hours after turn-on, and blends well during daylight running conditions.
  • The TYC Brother Industrial company has made an Elantra taillight with number 17-5674-00-9 that is the same quality as the factory or even better.