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The 2016 release of Hyundai Genesis Coupe boasts of an impressive 348 horsepower. Such an amount of power can let you rule the road and swiftly pass other sporty cars on the road. But if you start losing power and see some issues keeping up with the pace like it used to, you should check your air intake system. The engine air filter is probably dirty, or you have a failing air intake assembly that needs a replacement.

Replacing your Air Intake System 

Air intake replacement is recommended at 25,000 mileage to keep you out of trouble. There are three main options, as follows:

  1. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts replacement.
  2. Aftermarket cold air intake upgrade.
  3. Short ram air intake system upgrade.

OEM Option

Replacing your stock with OEM parts lets you retain your car’s engine health. You will get the same part that came with your vehicle. Since the intake system is an original part of the same manufacturer, this option is more expensive.

Cold Air Intake

The cold air intake system has better cooling effects since it can handle a larger air volume versus the restricted stock. Cold air carries more oxygen. Thus, improving combustion efficiency and better fuel consumption. Upgrading to an aftermarket 2016 Hyundai Genesis Coupe cold air intake would be a great choice since it can add extra horsepower.

Short Ram Air Intake

Short ram assemblies are good in producing a throatier sound and a lower pitch engine tone. You also get rid of hydrolock problems, common in cold air intakes wading through flooded areas. A short ram upgrade is also the least costly option among the three choices.

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