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Full body kits can transform any car into visually aggressive. This is a plus if you want to catch attention on the streets. However, not all body kits are for the show. Some kits have aerodynamics functionality that can turn any car into a racer. They have unique designs to improve airflow and minimize drag. You can choose which type of Hyundai Genesis Coupe body kit that you want. But you have to decide first if form or function is more important. Likewise, you should also consider the material composition. You have to ensure that the body kit can endure rough road conditions.



Body Kits Material Composition

  • Fiberglass
  • Polyurethane
  • ABS Plastic
  • Carbon Fiber

Among the four, the fiberglass is the least expensive. It is also lightweight. Hence, it does not add much to the total weight of the car. The lighter the vehicle, the more it becomes fuel-efficient. Moreover, it does not warp during temperature changes. Paint also adheres quickly to the fiberglass body kit. On the contrary, it has a high rigidity. Thus, it is prone to cracks. 

Polyurethane, also known as urethane, is a technical name of rubber. It is more expensive than fiberglass, and yet it is durable. It can withstand minor accidents. On the downside, urethane easily warps during extreme conditions. The paint does not adhere to it well.

On the other hand, ABS plastic is an expensive body kit. It will cost you higher than urethane body kits. ABS is a thermoplastic polymer, the same materials used in 3D printing. It has a high resistance to corrosive chemicals. It can also withstand strong impact and extreme weather conditions.

Carbon fiber is an epoxy material that is five times stronger than steel yet lighter in weight. It is also the most expensive material. The appearance is unique with a fabric polymer finish. Therefore, no need to paint unless desired.

Types of Body Kits

Body kits are bundled by shops to suit your style. It makes it easier for you to shop around based on your upgrade goals. 

Ground Effects Kit

The set consists of bolt-on aftermarket parts to create a lowered-appearance. The kit may include side skirts, hood scoops, spoiler lips, and bumper covers. Other kits have replacement trunks, hoods, and quarter panels. Ground effects can make your car pressed against the ground for racing looks.

Bumpers Valances

The panel that you see underneath the front and the rear bumper is called a bumper valance. Thus, this kit is an upgrade to the stock for aesthetic purposes. But more importantly, it improves aerodynamics. It helps facilitate airflow towards the heat exchange area of the car.

Full Kits

This is the complete set that includes the front and the rear bumpers. Side skirts are also added. Other parts may consist of the fender flares, wings, and hood. Some manufacturers add various styling accessories in the set to attract more buyers.

Wide Body Kit

These are mods to widen the body of your Hyundai Genesis. This is done to create stylish and sporty looks. Some mods have bumper splitters, bumper lips, trunk spoilers, and wide fenders. Widebody kits can also improve air dynamics.

Fender Flares

The primary function of fender flares is to absorb dirt from the rotating wheels. But it is installed more often for its aesthetic looks. It further provides an extension to vehicles with upgraded bigger tires for off-road driving. The extension creates further drag, compromising speed.

The upgrade options are already laid. You have to decide on the type of material and the suitable Hyundai Genesis Coupe body kit in line with your goals.

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