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Hyundai Genesis R Spec Coupe is a high-speed sports car that you’ll surely want to drive around. You will have the confidence that it can handle various high-speed road situations. But, can it keep up with the other sports cars in its class? If they beat you on the road, you can only wonder how. There can be many factors, but a few good reasons are the mods and accessories that improve engine performance.

To keep your car in top shape, you need to add some mods and upgrades to optimize power. You do not want to be left behind on the road by those exotic cars. Some upgrades can help keep your vehicle competitive in most types of terrain.

You can start by installing some mods on the engine. There are several accessories with vital functions in keeping your car in top form. Expert mechanics have summed up below a few essential upgrades.

Engine Mount

The engine mount keeps the engine stable by reducing motor vibrations and improving driving comfort. You will find this beneficial during off-road drives. Fast cars like the Hyundai Genesis R Spec Coupe need an engine mount since they have high horsepower and torque.

The engine vibrates more at high speed. Thus, requiring an aftermarket engine mount to enhance stability. The mount has a rubber composition for the bushing to reduce friction against the metal frame and minimize vibrating sounds.

Other replacement parts have the racing version. Racing engine mounts have additional reinforcement that redirects the energy to the wheels instead of the bushing. Replacement racing parts are ideal for those who are fond of high-speed driving.

Alternator Pulley

When you start hearing a short reverberating engine sound, it can be a sign of a defective alternator pulley. Likewise, if there is a quick chirp noise when you start or turn off the engine. These signs tell you that you need immediate replacement of the pulley.

An alternator pulley disengages the alternator from the rotational irregularities of the engine. The aftermarket pulley can also reduce the noise and increase the generator speed.

Fuel efficiency will further improve by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Upgrading the alternator pulley with performance parts can enhance longevity. For a minimal price to pay, it is already a good investment to make

Lightweight Water Pump Pulley

If your engine starts to overheat, you quickly blame the radiator, which is a costly replacement. When the truth is, the water pump pulley is at fault. You should also be concerned if you hear screeching noise under the hood while the engine is running. The water pump pulley is more likely defective.

The water pump pulley has a vital function in your car's radiator system. The coolant can help keep the engine temperature low for the best driving performance. The water pump pushes the coolant through the engine with the pulley's help in moving the drive belt. If the water pump pulley fails, serious engine issues may occur, such as the following:

  • The water pump will fail to function
  • Overheating of the engine
  • Potential engine damage

Are you ready to upgrade?

The stock parts of Hyundai Genesis R Spec Coupe may be enough to give you good performance driving on the road. After all, it's a luxury car with a high price. However, it was designed by automakers to meet the minimum standards.

You can still rev up the power and enhance the power of your car. You can start by upgrading the engine with accessories and replacement parts.

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