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Modern cars with stylish designs have become the envy on the streets and during car shows. The high-performance output, coupled with elegant exteriors, makes everyone wishing for a test drive. If you own one of these cars like a Hyundai Genesis Coupe, then you are among the few lucky owners. Friends and colleagues would surely want to experience the ride. The passengers have incredibly high expectations for the experience. But such expectations are upset by a bad suspension that creates a bumpy ride and takes a hard hit on the rough road.

Signs your Suspension has Problems.

  • Steering difficulty.
  • The shock absorber is getting oily.
  • Your car starts to roll on one side. 
  • You feel every bump on the road.
  • The vehicle nose dives when braking.

Don’t get caught with a bad suspension. People can quickly check that your car has a defective one. The vehicle leans on one side, and the shock absorbers are greasy. People can also observe your difficulty in steering the wheels. When you press on the brakes, your car bounces slightly. These are signs that you need a replacement for your Hyundai Genesis sedan suspension. Upgrading to aftermarket parts would be the best choice as manufacturers design them for optimum performance.




Types of Suspension and How They Work

MacPherson Strut

The most straightforward independent suspension is the MacPherson Strut, which is being used by the mainstream carmakers.  It has a spring that connects the wheel and chassis. Absorption of the bump by a single wheel does not affect the other wheels. It has a simple triangular design with two major components, the radius rod, and the control arm. The compact structure makes it ideal for smaller cars. They are also easier to troubleshoot.

Pushrod Suspension

The pushrod is a mono-shock suspension with a single spring in the middle. It has an aerodynamic advantage that reduces drag and helps maintain a stable platform. Pushrods improve downward airflow. Thus, it is perfect for those who love to upgrade to gain a speed advantage on the highway.

Leaf spring Suspension

The leaf spring assembly consists of multiple flexible steel bars that absorb the shocks. The suspension distributes the heavy load among the steel bars. Thus, it can withstand heavier loads, making it a popular type among heavy vehicles, including trucks.

Double Wishbone

The suspension took its name because both arms connected to the wheels have a wishbone shape. One wishbone arm is mounted on the frame of the car, while the other on the wheel. It has a similarity with the MacPherson strut featuring a shock absorber and coil spring. The double-wishbone creates movements of the lower and upper arms that increase the negative camber. Hence, you will experience a better grip when cornering, resulting in better handling performance.

Don’t wait for your suspension to break down. The costs can balloon beyond control. When you start seeing any sign of defect, let your mechanic check to assess if your car needs a Hyundai Genesis sedan suspension replacement.

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