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The necessity of a turbo timer remains a constant debate among turbo car owners. It may be an accessory, yet it has vital functions for the turbo engine. Imagine arriving at a car meet driving your sporty Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Upon arrival, you immediately jump out of the vehicle while the engine is still running. After few seconds, while you are already taking a sip on a glass of wine, the engine shuts off on its own.

Now that would be a cool show to top off the upgrades on your sports car. All thanks to the turbo timer that provided the engine off delay. Many would think it was a showoff when it is just one of the payoffs. There are more critical functions the timer plays under the hood.

What is a turbo timer?

A turbo timer is an electronic device that goes into your car, with a plug-and-play feature that connects directly with the ignition system. It keeps your engine running for a specified period based on your settings. Thus, allowing enough time for the engine to cool down all the liquids before shutting down.

Essential Functions of Turbo Timer to the Engine

Cools Down the Engine

The turbo timer's primary role is to allow more time for all liquids like oil to circulate the engine to cool down before shutting it off. This is very crucial for boosted engines with high pressure and temperature.

Protects the Turbo

The turbo timer is a safety net against potential damage. Several engine problems may occur if you instantly shut off a hot engine after a hard drive. The hot engine will trap the oil in between the turbo compressors. The trapped oil will break down into carbon deposits around the bearing. Thus, resulting in poor circulation and failure of the turbo.

Turbo cars should remain idle for a couple of seconds or minutes to allow the oil to circulate further and cool down before turning off the engine. Hence, turbo car owners do not have the luxury to get out of the car right after a hard drive. They must stay for a while to keep the engine from potential damage. However, a turbo timer solves the issue by extending the engine's running time even after pulling out the key from the ignition point.

Putting it All Together

Showing off your car’s ability to shut the engine off on its own after you lock and leave the car is a bonus benefit of the turbo timer. Its major role is to protect the engine. However, you do not have to use the timer all the time. You should use it only after a long drive with a boosted engine. Normal driving conditions without the turbo does not require a delay device. The engine is naturally aspirated by outside air to a safe temperature range for an instant power shut off after parking.

Thus, a time delay device is not necessary for turbo cars if you observe certain driving protocols. But circumstances may arise when you need to instantly get out of the car right after arriving at your destination. In such cases, a Genesis Coupe turbo timer can protect your engine while allowing you to show off of your car’s ability to shut off on its own.

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