AMS Performance Front Mount Intercooler Kit - AMS Performance Genesis 2.0T


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The AMS Genesis Coupe has 60% more internal flow and frontal area than its stock counterpart, works with stock piping and even allows you to retain the front bumper beam!

Genesis Coupe 2.0T AMS Front Mount Features:

• 60% more internal flow area than stock

• Doesn't require removal of front bumper beam!

• Highest quality, most durable mounting on the market.

• Will bolt up to your stock piping.

• Bar and plate style core, the best performing on the market

• All AMS intercoolers are pressure tested after assembly to 50 psi

AMS Genesis Front Mount Kit Includes:

• Intercooler

• 4 Ply Silicone Couplers

• New hose clamps

Fits: Hyundai Genesis Turbo Coupe 2.0T

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