ARK Performance Front Upper Strut Bar - Genesis 2.0T 2010+

ARK Performance Front Upper Strut Bar - Genesis 2.0T 2010+


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A common upgrade item that new Hyundai Genesis CP known as BK owners acquire is a front strut bar (also known as strut tower bar or strut brace). A strut bar mounts between opposing strut towers and reduces the flex that these towers experience during hard cornering. Reducing the flex will keep the wheels in position. Keeping the wheels in position helps keep the tires in the desired position on the road.

This will help to improve traction on the turns, increasing turn-in response. A front strut bar should help to reduce under steer and a bar in the rear should help to reduce over steer. However, unless you choose carefully you may end up with a bar that looks great but does not meet your performance objectives.

- Better Corner and balance grip

- Red , Black and Blue color available

- Street & Track Performance Spec.

- Stress Rating up to 2900Lbs

- 3 bolt Bracket pattern

- FITS ONLY 2.0T Engine Spec

Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks