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3 Benefits of Replacing Your 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Front & Rear Bumpers With CS996RB by ChargeSpeed

Wondering if it is the right time to get that bumper upgrade done? Well, if you have had to do repeated repairs and the appearance of your bumper does not do any service to the appearance of your Hyundai Coupe, then it is time to restore the elegance of your Hyundai Coupe with the CS996RB by ChargeSpeed 'Front & Rear' bumpers. It allows you to improve both the aerodynamics and aesthetics of your car.
But in the case of severe damages or unsightly cracks and scratches, we often suggest replacing your old bumper because it is the safest thing to do. In addition to that, it lets you elevate the look and aerodynamics of the car. In general, anything that affects the integrity or appearance of your Hyundai Coupe equally affects the car's value and may expose you to increased risk.
At Genesis Tuners, our aftermarket rear bumpers can be adjusted to give customers the appearance they want in the 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Our CS996RB ChargeSpeed bumpers come in two variations: fiberglass and polyurethane ChargeSpeed. These represent the top choices on the bumper market today.

- What is a Bumper?
- 4 Benefits of Upgrading to CS996RB Rear Bumpers.
- Why should you buy CS996RB Bumpers by ChargeSpeed?
- What to consider when purchasing?

What is a Bumper?

In addition to giving you protection during low-speed collisions, bumpers improve the aesthetics of your vehicle's body. It includes both rear & front bumpers. At Genesis Tuners, we offer our customers the best-in-class bumpers; the CS996RB by ChargeSpeed fits perfectly well over existing OEM car parts. Unlike most OEM bumpers of steel, aluminum, and plastic, CS996RB is made of higher-quality.
Fiberglass and polyurethane bumpers, on the other hand, feature stronger and more resilient dispersion of impacts. Hence the transfer of shock from collisions to the body is even lesser or prevented altogether.

4 Benefits of Upgrading to CS996RB ChargeSpeed Rear Bumpers

1. Best Fit
ChargeSpeed body kits are crafted to fit-over existing OEM body parts, and so are the CS996RB rear bumpers. Since its start in 1986 in Japan, ChargeSpeed is known for top-quality products for body kits and other car performance accessories, parts, and decorative items. It is why we recommend it for any 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe.
2. Elegant Style
Make your V6 3.8L 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe stand out from the crowd with an S-FX or LEGATO aggressive look that does not drop the performance. Installing the product also improves the look of your vehicle's body in general. It is another reason these body kits are premium choices. It is ideal for a high-power Hyundai Coupe.
3. Quality Shock-Absorbent Material
Genesis Coupe enthusiasts will love these CS996RB rear bumpers. Talk about elevating the grade and functionality of your car; this is the product for you. But that is not all; these bumpers are molded using high-quality fiberglass or polyurethane materials. Thus, giving you the perfect body kits for better shock absorption.
4. Customizable
The most exciting thing about our CS996RB rear bumpers is that they are the perfect body kits for upgrading the body of your Hyundai Coupe. Essentially, you can redesign it to achieve your desired look or get a more precise fit.

Why Should you Buy CS996RB Bumpers by ChargeSpeed?

Quality Products: ChargeSpeed is known in the US for making top-quality automotive parts since its establishment in 1986.
US Presence: The company offers products and services in the US. The company has an administrative location at 1-13-7 Yuhigaoka Toyonaka Osaka 561-0864 Japan.
Installation Guide: Check out the installation guide for more information.
Efficient Customer Support: You can quickly reach ChargeSpeed customer support with your inquiries.
Affordable Price: Many aftermarket bumpers are pretty expensive. Hence not many rear bumpers are sold at $750.

What to Consider When Purchasing?

Quality and fitment should come first. Customers can refer to the free installation guide provided; we often advise that you consult with an experienced dealer. It is best to do this when you are looking to customize the part further. For more information, you can contact us; one of our experts will be delighted to take your inquiries. Alternatively, you can contact the manufacturer directly for assistance.

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2010 to 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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