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3 Reasons to Upgrade to 2009-13 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Coilovers MR-CDK-HG094D-EZII by Megan Racing

Thinking about lowering your 2009-13 Hyundai Genesis Sedan? The coilovers MR-CDK-HG094D-EZII by Megan Racing is an excellent option because it offers many levels of height adjustability and other benefits that we will discuss in this article. Megan Racing is an authority in the development of high-performance suspension system upgrades, so you cannot go wrong with this kit. Price-wise, this kit is $749, which is a small price for the degree of adjustability you will get. In this article, we’ll explore the features and benefits of this kit, but first, let us consider the following:

1. What are coilovers?
2. What are three reasons to upgrade?
3. Why buy the coilovers MR-CDK-HG094D-EZII by Megan Racing

What is a Coilovers?

Coilovers are often a selection of four coilovers – two for the front and the other two for the rear. A coilover pairs a shock with a spring, and so it performs the functions of the two components. It mounts in where your car’s stock springs would be.

What are Three Reasons to Upgrade?

Better Handling

One of the main benefits of the coilovers MR-CDK-HG094D-EZII is that it offers more precise handling. These coilovers are superior to your factory-fitted springs and shocks in build quality, material composition, and strength. Their springs also have higher spring rates, while their shocks use shock valving technology. Thanks to the above, these coilovers will deliver superior handling and performance.

More Adjustability

These coilovers has up to 36 levels of ride height adjustment, so it makes it possible for you to configure your 2009-13 Hyundai Genesis Sedan for diverse driving purposes without changing other parts. For example, you can set a moderate setting for daily driver duty and a much lower setting when you show off the car at a local car show. These coilovers also offer adjustable damping, so they also enable you to control how the vehicle handles.

100% Balanced

Balance is vital for any vehicle, especially when using it for racing or track-day performance driving. The springs and shocks of these EZII SERIES coilovers are perfectly matched. So they work together seamlessly, distributing weight way more evenly between opposite corners of the car than your stock spring and shock setup. As a result, they deliver better control and composure when cornering or driving at high speeds.

Why buy the coilovers MR-CDK-HG094D-EZII by Megan Racing?

  • Megan Racing offer this kit with a 12-month limited warranty, which says a lot about its trust in its product.

  • Megan Racing, headquartered at 19433 San Jose Ave. City of Industry, CA 91748 USA, has been producing suspension system upgrades and many other automotive parts and accessories since 2001. Its products have been extensively used in the motorsport industry with great success.

  • This kit is manufactured in Califoria Usa. So, it has been manufactured per the high manufacturing and product-development standards that govern the US automotive aftermarket industry.

  • You will only pay $749 for it, which is less than what people tend to spend when modding their cars for better handling.

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