Main Bearing Set 0.025 Oversized High G4KF - ACL 2009-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

ACLSKU: 5M1295H-.025

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Specifications and Features

Oil Clearance: Standard

Half Type: Upper & lower

Material: Tri-metal hardened steel backs

Min Std Shaft Size: 2.0450in ( 51.942 mm)

Max Std Shaft Size: 2.0457in ( 51.960 mm)

Min Std Tunnel Size: 2.2047in ( 56.000 mm)

Max Std Tunnel Size: 2.2054in ( 56.018 mm)

Max Wall at Crown: 0.0796in ( 2.022mm)

Max Overall Length: 0.7087in ( 18.00 mm)

Feature: 0.025 oversized

Style: G4KF

: 0.7087in / 18.00 mm

Feature: High

Feature: High


2009 to 2016 hyundai genesis sedan


Relevant part numbers


Vehicle Compatibility

2009 to 2016 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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