Main Bearing Set 0.025 Oversized High G4KF - ACL 2009-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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3 Reasons to Upgrade to the 2009-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Main Bearing Set 5M1295H-.025 by ACL

The engine of your performance-upgraded 2009-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan requires top-quality, race-spec main bearings like those of the ACL main bearing set 5M1295H-.025. This main bearing set is particularly designed for this car, so its bearings are guaranteed to fit perfectly in your car's engine. Also, this set is tooled to offer a standard oil clearance, which results in a more substantial oil film between the bearings and the crankshaft for better lubrication and friction tolerance. Also, compared with most other similar products on the market, the set is reasonably priced at just $225.32. You will find out more about what this bearing set offers below.

1. What is the main bearing set?
2. What are three reasons to upgrade?
3. Why buy the ACL main bearing set 5M1295H-.025?

What is the main bearing set?

The main bearings in an internal combustion engine are made to alleviate friction between the crankshaft and the engine block, enabling the crankshaft to rotate at high speeds as propelled by the piston rods. The set includes upper & lower bearings.

What are three reasons to upgrade?

Better Lubrication

Your stock main bearings may not be able to cope with your car's boosted engine output. In your enhanced engine, the firing pressure that pushes the connecting rods down on the crankshaft is higher, and so your crankshaft is sure to rotate much faster. The increased rotation speed of the crankshaft will weaken the lubricating effect of the thin oil film between the main bearings and the crankshaft. As a result, the crankshaft may brush against your stock bearings a bit more, causing increased heat and friction that may result in the disintegration of the bearings. Worse still, it may even weld onto the crankshaft and bring about considerable damage to your engine. These ACL's main bearings are designed with extended oil grooves and tapered groove run-outs that ensure a more dependable flow of oil, and they have also been fashioned with standard oil clearance for a more significant oil film. Therefore, you can count on them to sustain optimum lubrication even with higher heat and friction levels that come with the increased horsepower.

Superior Seizure Prevention

The stock bi-metal aluminum bearings of your 2009-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan are sufficient. But, they cannot match the ACL main bearing set 5M1295H-.025 in terms of seizure resistance. These bi-metal aluminum bearings work satisfactorily within specified horsepower levels. They are likely to flake or peel under higher engine loads. In extreme cases, their aluminum alloys may soften and melt, and as a result, the crankshaft may seize them. However, the bearings of the ACL main bearing set 5M1295H-.025 benefit from tri-metal hardened steel backs with a low-friction, deformable lead-tin-copper overlay that resists seizure when the crankshaft gets in contact with them, even under high engine loads. Therefore, you will do well to get these ACL race series bearings for your car, especially if you plan to enhance its performance significantly.

Guaranteed to Last Longer

The ACL main bearing set 5M1295H-.025 is also sure to last longer. These performance engine bearings have sturdier high-strength steel backings that will hold up to the pressures of high engine loads for longer. They also achieve increased crush heights that help to boost heat dissipation, delivering more dependable operation for longer.

Why buy the ACL main bearing set 5M1295H-.025?

  • ACL has been manufacturing engine bearings and several other automotive products for over eight decades. It has way more experience in this field than most of the other engine-bearing producers in the market. The company also has a solid reputation for quality and dependability in the manufacture of all its products.

  • These performance engine bearings are of ACL's range of products that have been widely used with great success in the motorsports world. The products are used by top-level racing teams in competitions like NASCAR, IHRA, and the NHRA. Therefore, you cannot lose with the ACL main bearing set 5M1295H-.025.

  • This main bearing set is produced at 4722 Danvers Drive, Grand Rapids, Michigan. So, it benefits from highly regulated manufacturing processes that promise high-quality products.

Specifications and Features

Oil clearance: Standard

Half type: Upper & Lower

Material: Tri-metal Hardened steel backs

Min std shaft size: 2.0450in ( 51.942 mm)

Max std shaft size: 2.0457in ( 51.960 mm)

Min std tunnel size: 2.2047in ( 56.000 mm)

Max std tunnel size: 2.2054in ( 56.018 mm)

Max wall at crown: 0.0796in ( 2.022mm)

Max overall length: 0.7087in ( 18.00 mm)

Feature: high

Style: G4KF

: 0.7087in / 18.00 mm


Vehicle Compatibility

2009 to 2016 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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