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3 Reasons To Upgrade to 2014-15 Hyundai Veloster Spark Plugs SILZKR7E8EG by NGK Spark Plugs

Are you tired of having to deal with failed starts when powering your 2014-15 Hyundai Veloster 4Cyl 1.6L in the winter? The spark plugs by NGK Spark Plugs, SILZKR7E8EG, are sure to come in handy. Cold weather can disturb the working of stock spark plugs. Thanks to their top-grade laser iridium wire plugs, these parts ensure instant starts, even in the most frigid weather. So you are unlikely to have any startup problems with these spark plugs, e.g., when going to work or meetings. How much does it cost? It costs just $12.06 each. Here is more information that relates to these spark plugs.

1. What is a spark plug?
2. What are three reasons to upgrade?
3. Why buy the spark plugs SILZKR7E8EG by NGK Spark Plugs?

What is a Spark Plug?

A spark plug helps to initiate and control the burning of air and fuel in your engine’s combustion chambers. It relays sparks or electric charges from the car’s ignition system into an engine combustion chamber, igniting the fuel/air mixture. You need as many spark plugs for your engine as you have cylinders. Therefore, a 4Cyl 1.6L engine like that of your 2014-15 Hyundai Veloster requires the same number of spark plugs as there are cylinders.

What are Three Reasons to Upgrade?

Lower Maintenance Costs

It will cost you $12.06 to acquire one of the spark plugs SILZKR7E8EG, so to change all the spark plugs of your 2014-15 Hyundai Veloster, you will spend approximately $30 on spark plugs alone. The generic replacements are lower-priced ($3 a piece or less), but you will have to change them every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. On the other hand, with these NGK spark plugs, you will have lengthier replacement intervals of [between 60,000 to 100,000 miles] ( Therefore, when using generic spark plugs, you will end more on spark plug replacement service in the long run.

Increased Performance

With the high-grade materials and advanced and more effective design, the spark plugs SILZKR7E8EG require less charge to deliver sparks into the engine cylinders. As a result, current tends to flow through the ignition coil primaries of these plugs for more prolonged, improving performance and increase fuel economy.

Improved Consistency in the Winter

Cold temperatures can decrease the performance and efficiency of your car’s ignition system, and at times, can even cause your stock spark plugs to foul. When it gets cold, your battery may not provide enough electricity to cause a spark that can bridge the gap between the center electrode tip and the spe side electrode. The spark plugs SILZKR7E8EG are designed with materials that attain better conductivity, and they also have better gapping between the electrodes. Henceforth, you can count on these spark plugs to deliver focused sparks with greater consistency in the winter.

Why buy the spark plugs SILZKR7E8EG by NGK Spark Plugs?

  • Vast Experience: NGK Spark Plugs is an authority in the development of automotive spark plugs, with over eight decades’ worth of experience in this field. It leverages its abundant wealth of skill and expertise with state-of-the-art, fully equipped facilities and the latest innovations and technologies in spark plug development.

  • Impeccable Reputation: NGK Spark Plugs loyally serves the OE and aftermarket industries with dedication and solid resolve for quality. Its many clients, which include to top-rated automakers, all attest to this.

  • Affordable: The spark plugs SILZKR7E8EG costs $12.06, which is inexpensive compared to competing spark plugs brands.

  • Made in: NGK Spark Plugs manufactures its spark plugs in Nagoya, Japan, so its products are regulated by the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA). JAPIA sets quality standards for Japanese auto part manufacturers.

Specifications and Features

Resistance: 5000

Ground Electrode Tip Design: SPE

Ground Configuration: Standard

Ground Electrode Core Material: Copper core

Center Electrode Core Material: Copper core

Center Electrode Tip Material: Iridium

Gap Size: 0.032

Ground Electrode Quantity: 1

Hex Size: 5/8"

Insulator Height: 51.00

Manufacturer Heat Range: 7

Seat Type: Gasket

Reach: 26.5

Thread Diameter: 12.00

padb-1132: 5000

padb-1155: SPE

padb-1156: Standard

padb-1159: Copper core

padb-547: Copper core

padb-548: Iridium

padb-549: 0.032

padb-550: 1

padb-551: 5/8"

padb-552: 51.00

padb-553: 7

padb-555: Gasket

padb-556: 26.5

padb-557: 12.00

Material: Laser iridium

Feature: Laser

Relevant part numbers

Vehicle Compatibility

2014 to 2015 Hyundai Veloster 4Cyl 1.6L

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