The Hyundai Sonata has effortlessly captivated the hearts of American drivers with its long list of virtues. Currently in its fourth generation, the Sonata motored to fame by combining unparalleled style with optimum function, turning mundane commutes into exciting chores for you and your passengers. The 2018 Hyundai Sonata comes standard with advanced safety features that give you added confidence behind the wheel, while still being easy on your budget. Retaining its reputation as a family-friendly sedan boasting quintessential luxury, refinement and performance in one exceptional package remains pivotal in marketing this impressive model to buyers like you waiting in line at the dealer!

The best brake kit for the Hyundai Sonata is a nooner and will include anything and everything you need to take care of your braking needs. That includes the installation manual, which should help take away all the guesswork out of applying these improvements yourself. Getting an upgrade right off the bat like this may seem counterintuitive to what we mentioned earlier about not spending too much money on repairs early on in year one. However, it’s so easy and cheap that there is no reason not to get it done after you buy your Hyundai.

Genesis Tuners has a selection of the best brake kits for your Hyundai Sonata. When applying brakes to your vehicle, you need perfect control over stopping distance and response time. A top-notch brake kit that suits all of your performance requirements will give you peace of mind as well as that feeling of ultimate confidence behind the wheel – two things no driver should ever be without! Depending on your budget, here are our top five picks.

StopTech 937.50515 axle pack

The StopTech Street axle pack for the Hyundai Sonata is a direct-fit rear anti-roll bar kit that lowers NVH & weight without sacrificing performance and ride quality. The suspension system reduces oversteer and understeer during hard braking, acceleration, and cornering maneuvers providing drivers with more confidence to push their vehicle harder. This kit comes complete with a high-performance forged steel construction bypass link, strut mount, Stoptech sports calipers, rotor hat adapter brackets, semi-metallic OEM brake pads, and all of the hardware needed to install. Included in this kit is an intermediate-sized (34mm) bar, which works best.

StopTech Big Brake Kits are the ultimate next-generation brake upgrades for factory or performance street applications. The Street Performance Kit contains all of the necessary components and easy-to-follow installation instructions to allow for inexpensive conversion to larger diameter braking systems on the front and rear of your vehicle.

You've probably heard of the StopTech brake pads for your Hyundai Sonata. Well, we have a solution to keep your car running at its best: axle packs. These are designed and manufactured by StopTech and they're made with only the highest quality material. They're affordable and easy to install!

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StopTech 938.50515 axle pack

The StopTech Street axle pack is a great option if you want to improve the stopping distance and reduce over-aggressive brake temperatures on the street. The system includes:

• Drilled and Slotted Rotors – Thin, yet high-quality R-Series disc made from CNC machined forged aluminum. – Cut one slot for each rotor which drastically reduces the surface temperature. – Minimize fade due to heat by having a large cooling area wrapped in finned vane design with precision seams. – Drill most effective method of improving the thermal capacity.

• Easy Slot™ installation greatly reduces noise NVH

• Aerospace specification stainless steel will never corrode

The StopTech Street Performance Unit results from Stoptech’s years of experience racing, testing, and producing brake components for vehicles ranging from F1 cars to Le Mans Prototypes. These advanced high-performance discs are designed to deliver outstanding braking performance, even under the most demanding circumstances. This lightweight design will improve braking feel and response through reduced unsprung mass (weight) while increasing your overall vehicle setup options, thanks to strategic weight savings achieved via 3-race front rotors with dual-piston calipers.

The StopTech Street Performance Axle Packs are designed for street use. These axle backs feature new rotors with large, 30mm fully-floating openings that increase air capacity without requiring additional insulators on the rings. They're also 44 percent lighter than the original equipment, increasing steering response and vehicle control while reducing unsprung weight at each corner of the car. The new rotor design also includes cooling slots that improve heat management by 27 degrees Fahrenheit over stock discs, extending brake pad life. The machined bores employ a 'honed' finish to reduce friction, noise, vibration and enhance durability.

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StopTech 939.50515 axle pack

This is used for street driving, drag racing, and autocross events. It fits behind the axle centerline of the rear wheel using a 76mm stud pattern. Axle Pack 76 has been tested up to L64570hp on drag race vehicles as well as off-road competition vehicles from Global Rally Cross, Baja 1000s, and some of the hardest-hitting drag cars in New England Street Race Association (NESRA). In order to avoid mismatch on heat combination with all new size Brembo Calipers, this pack will be upgraded with a piston that does not have a cast iron sleeve on it!

The Street Axle-Pack™ is a high-quality performance upgrade (No replacement on OEM axle). Sturdy, CNC-machined billet aluminum construction with natural anodizing provides unparalleled cooling properties. Large 360-degree thrust bearings on both ends of the axle shaft also facilitate optimal cooling under acceleration and road racing circumstances. Features: StopTech has over 45 (and counting!) Aerospace certified Axle Packs available for various applications. It is important to know that Axles are not equal. The BiAxle™ heat sink package ensures the ultimate thermal capacity to help your wheels maintain their peak operating.

StopTech Street Performance is a comprehensive brake upgrade system that was developed with one goal in mind: to dramatically improve the overall performance of your Hyundai Sonata. Made from ultra-strong, forged aircraft alloy steel and finished off in a protective red powder coat, the Stoptech Street Performance Rotor features an exclusive floating design for maximum cooling and control. These rotors also feature genuine OEM Auto parts designed pads for maximum dust-wearing and pad gases dispersal. Add in our proprietary non-metallic fluid, and you'll get amazing deceleration performance with a great pedal feel.

Genesis tuners are proud to offer one of the most aggressive street performance axle braking systems for your Sonata. With huge cost savings over Stoptech's OE REV-PAC, you can install a level of braking power that will have other people asking, Why didn't I think of that! The all-new Street Axle Pack reduces vehicle weight by approximately 40lbs compared to OEM rear brakes. Permanently installed, this upgrade eliminates the problem with worn-out brake pads and rusted beat up rotors. Stainless hardware is included free to provide an everlasting lifetime cleansing complimenting the increased durability rating.

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EBC Brakes S20K2192 axle pack

An important part of riding is to know what you’re up against when the weather takes a turn for the worst, and for this reason, it’s essential to ensure that your tires are in top shape. When temperatures drop, many drivers find themselves sliding on their brakes or, worse spinning out into traffic due to poor balance. This is why it’s crucial to make sure that you install quality parts like the new EBC Genuine Premium Sintered Disc Brake Pads (Front/Rear) with shims for Hyundai Veloster 4Cyl 16L.

The popular and proven EBC S20K2 axes, e.g., for the Hyundai Veloster 1.6L 16V AT or 1.6L 16V T-GDI 8AT shown, provide optimal performance and quality at a very competitive price level as opposed to similar products from known competitors cost substantially more (279 USD as compared to 195 USD). This kit delivers an excellent braking force together with quiet operation at each temperature range or any road condition.

Genesis Racewerks offers high-performance products to suit every driver's needs, with each product's integrity tested rigorously so you can trust in a quality part that fits and functions right. Genesis brings innovation to the industry while solving problems for even the toughest applications, making optimum efficiency a must-have. This attention to detail requires experience and practice, which Genesis brings from years of production, research, racing success, and passion for all things automotive or powersports. With precision tuning or pulleys that provide direct engine power savings while creating more torque at all RPM levels by simply replacing pulley setups.

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