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Here are 4 Top Reasons to Get the HY1428 Lamin-X Bug Guard for your 2015-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

Get HY1428 Bug Guard by Lamin-X for your 2015-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan to protect your hood and windshield from bug damages and stone chips.

Here is one crucial reason why you should get a bug guard for your hood and windshield: to save yourself from worrying about paint damages and possible repairs. Again, you will be protecting your windshield from the likely impact of small rocks or pebbles, which might cause you more than it requires to install a simple bug guard.
Your vehicle needs a bug guard for protection against paint and windshield damages especially if you are driving in hot or muggy conditions. Aside from being covered with lots of insects, love bugs and insects like moths will be quickly magnetized to your headlights. The chances that you will suffer some damages when these tiny creatures settle on your car are high. And unless you do something about it, it might become unsightly later. Guess what? Installing our HY1428 Lamin-X Bug Guard on your 2015-16 will only cost you $52.75.
To help you make an informed choice, we will discuss the product under the following subheadings.

- What is a Bug Guard?
- Benefits of Installing a Bug Guard.
- Why You Should Buy HY1428 Lamin-X Bug Guard for Your Vehicle?
- What to Consider When Purchasing?

What is a Bug Guard?

Bug guards are also called bug deflectors or bug shields. They are strips of sleek custom-made scratch-resistant acrylic rock and bug deflectors that protect the hood of your car, truck, or SUV from bugs and stones. They are virtually strong and scratch-resistant materials. Each vehicle has its custom-made bug guard, which is generally easy to install.
To achieve the best fit for any vehicle, bug guards are usually custom-designed. It means that what works for one SUV may not work for another vehicle. Thus, we advise our customers to watch out for the fit of the product before purchasing it. For all models of Hyundai Genesis Sedan ranging from 2015-16, our HY1428 Lamin-X Bug Shield serves to protect the exterior of the vehicle from bugs and small rocks.

Benefits of Installing a Bug Guard

1. Protection Against Pebbles and Rocks:
Bug guards generally block small rocks and pebbles from landing against the front of your hood when hurled by tires of other cars, trucks as you drive along the highway. Note that not all insects or rocks will be deflected. So, bug guards are made from strong, scratch-resistant materials.
2. Prevention of Bug Paint Damages:
For premium Paint Body Protections, mostly from love bugs (a kind of insect that secretes acidic substances that damages car paint) and moths, it is advisable to get a bug shield. It will save you the cost of repairs when the bugs attack your car. Besides, you will not like the sight of annoying bugs covering up your windshield anyway.
3. They are Easy to Install:

Did you know that no drilling is required for getting a bug guard? Bug guards usually span the leading edge of your hood and run from one side to the other. Luckily, the 2015-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Lamin-X HY1428 bug shield is easy to install. You can use the installation guide provided to get it done within minutes.
4. Bug Guards are Generally Cheap:
Another good thing about bug shields is their affordability. With only $52.75, customers can buy and install the HY1428 Lamin-X bug guard on their 2015-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan. Thus, the product is a perfect item for a wide range of vehicles.

Why You Should Buy HY1428 Lamin-X Bug Guard for Your Vehicle

  • Get invisible and efficient bug protection for your V6 3.3L 2015-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan.

  • It is also ideal for the 2015-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan.

  • The company was established in 2002 and popularly makes high-quality products, including Light Film Covers & Paint Protection Products.

  • The bug guard is manufactured in Georgia Mountains, USA (office address is 478 Beasley St., Blairsville, GA. 30512, USA).

  • Excellent customer support service is available at 706.955.0677, help@lamin-x.com, and sales@lamin-x.com. You can also get further details from the brand website.

  • The company provides DIY instructions. See their website for the installation guide.

  • The product is affordable. With just $52.75, you can get our HY1428 Lamin-X bug shield.

  • Commendable warranty.

What to Consider When Purchasing

When purchasing our bug deflector for your vehicle, keep in mind that you will be getting a precise fit for your car. It is vital to note that there is no universal when it comes to bug guards. The product must be custom-fit for your automobile. In case you need further assistance, feel free to speak with any of our expert team members.
Alternatively, you may also contact Lamin-X customer service for more info. Whatever you choose to do, always ensure you get professional advice before purchasing.

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