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3 Reasons to Upgrade to the 2015-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Caliper Covers Set 28001SMGPYL by MGP Caliper Covers

Are you thinking about transforming how the stock brake calipers of your 2015-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan V6 3.8L appear? You ought to try getting the caliper covers set 28001SMGPYL by MGP Caliper Covers. These Yellow caliper covers are 13 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 0.063 inches thick, so they will conceal your stock calipers entirely, and in so doing, they will alter your car’s style. They are designed especially for this car, so be reassured that they will fit tightly over your car's stock calipers while keeping factory wheel clearances. MGP Caliper Covers makes these caliper covers from 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum for guaranteed resilience. In terms of pricing, these calipers covers are available for just $229, which is a small price to pay for the styling upgrade they offer. Want to know more? Let us consider the following:

What are caliper covers?
What are three reasons to upgrade?
Why buy the Caliper Covers Set 28001SMGPYL by MGP Caliper Covers?

What are caliper covers?

Caliper covers serve as a convenient way to customize your car's look, enabling you to give your vehicle a distinctive sense of style. They are made to fasten onto the housings of your car's brake calipers, so you won't have to purchase new brake components or make major alterations to accommodate them.

What are three reasons to upgrade?

A Better Option to Painting your Brake Calipers

There is no denying that it will cost you less to paint your brake calipers than it will to install caliper covers, but you should know that paint jobs do not last as long as caliper covers. On the other hand, caliper covers like the MGP Caliper Covers set 28001SMGPYL can last many years. This set is made from 6061-T6 aerospace-grade aluminum, which can tolerate exceedingly high heat levels. It's also worth noting that the aluminum in these brake caliper covers helps draw out and dispel heat from your brake calipers. Therefore, it helps your car’s braking system to function cooler, boosting durability. These caliper covers also help to keep your brakes clean. They redirect brake dust that comes off your brake pads, keeping them from falling on the surfaces of your wheels.

Custom Design

Caliper covers come with trendy custom designs that are sure to look fantastic on your car. MGP Caliper Covers has an established catalog of caliper cover designs that contains the names of leading automakers, car models, engine specifications, and more.

They make Your Brake Calipers Look Bigger

Many car enthusiasts tend to relate bigger brake calipers with higher horsepower figures. The caliper covers in this set have a wider surface area than your stock brake calipers, so they will make your brake calipers appear bigger than they are. Therefore, you will likely get more recognition and draw more attention to your car when you equip it with these caliper covers.

Why buy the Caliper Covers Set 28001SMGPYL by MGP Caliper Covers?


This caliper covers set is offered with a 3-year limited manufacturer's warranty. It means that if you notice any manufacturer defects within that period, like failing fastening clips, you will have the right to ask for a replacement.

Reduces Brake Dust

Your wheels are sure to be a lot cleaner with the caliper covers set 28001SMGPYL by MGP Caliper Covers. They are purposefully designed to redirect that brake dust away from your car's wheels. As a result, your car's wheels will stay cleaner for longer.

Made in the US

These caliper covers have been painstakingly developed by a devoted and highly skilled US workforce at the MGP Caliper Covers production facility in San Diego, California. MGP Caliper Covers utilizes hydraulic forming, precision CNC machining, and TIG welding when making these caliper covers. It also puts them through an extensive testing regime to ensure the manufacture of high-quality, durable products.

You can install the MGP Caliper Covers set 28001SMGPYL onto your car on your own. Doing one wheel at a time, just jack up the vehicle using jack stands, remove the wheel, position the caliper cover over your brake caliper, slide in the mounting clips, and then fasten them using the fastening locknuts provided. Repeat the process at each wheel. If you have any questions about these caliper covers, follow this link to go and submit a ticket on the MGP Caliper Covers website.

Specifications and Features

Attachment method: Patented Clip On System

Color: Yellow

Graphic: MGP

Length: 13 Inch.

Material: 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum.

Meets or exceeds oem specifications: Yes

Set of: 4

Thickness: .063 Inch.

Width: 6 Inch.

Count: set of 4

Color_1: yellow finish black

Vehicle Compatibility

2015 to 2016 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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