Clutch Kit FX500 - Clutch Masters 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6 3.8L

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Top Three Reasons to Upgrade to the 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Clutch Kit 05138-HDB6-SHK

The transmission of the 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe shifts gears notably well, but you can get even smoother transitions with the Clutch Masters street sprung clutch kit 05138-HDB6-SHK. Clutch Masters has been developing advanced, precision-built clutch kits since 1976, and their products have been known to deliver great value. Clutch Masters' parts are also reasonably priced. This kit, for example, can be had for just $2025, so it is worth a try. Let's find out more about this clutch kit as we discuss the following:

  1. What is a clutch kit?

  2. What are three reasons to upgrade to such a kit?

  3. Why buy the Clutch Masters street sprung clutch kit 05138-HDB6-SHK?

What is a clutch kit?

A clutch kit is a pre-selected clutch components package that can help improve the capabilities of your factory/stock clutch system. Most clutch kits include a clutch pressure plate and a clutch disc, both of which are driveline components. They may also feature a flywheel, pilot bearings/bushings, release bearings, spline lubricant, and an alignment tool.

Why buy the Clutch Masters street sprung clutch kit 05138-HDB6-SHK?

Meets SFI® Specification 1.1

The Clutch Masters street sprung clutch kit 05138-HDB6-SHK has been certified safe for racing by The SFI Foundation, Inc. This 'SFI® Specification 1.1' rating sets it apart as a trustworthy clutch kit of high quality and value.

Made in the US

The Clutch Masters street sprung clutch kit 05138-HDB6-SHK has been carefully and meticulously designed and developed with only the highest standards in mind. It is assembled by highly skilled and immensely experienced technicians and engineers in the US at "California, USA." Its components have also been extensively tested to ensure optimum functionality and durability.

Proprietary Materials

The friction materials on this clutch kit are fashioned to deliver a longer friction life; they are more rigid, higher-grade materials with greater heat tolerance. Therefore, you can confidently push your car to its limits with this kit without worrying about heat buildup.

Lower noise levels

This kit also uses special bushings and cone/wave springs to facilitate better frictional damping, resulting in reduced clutch noise.

Specifications and Features

Style: FX500

Relevant part numbers

Alternate Part Number(s): 05138HDB6SHK

Vehicle Compatibility

2010 to 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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