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Top Three Reasons to Upgrade to the 2009-12 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Clutch Kit 05095-HDFF by Clutch Masters

The Clutch Masters street sprung clutch kit 05095-HDFF makes a worthwhile clutch grade for the 2009-12 Hyundai Genesis Sedan, particularly if you want to or have already enhanced the car's engine performance. This kit promises greater torque capability and longer clutch life, thanks to its greater strength and higher fatigue resistance. You can use it for a handful of applications, and it only costs $580.50. As we discuss the benefits of this kit, let us consider the following:

  1. What is a clutch kit?

  2. What are three reasons to upgrade to such a kit?

  3. Why buy the Clutch Masters street sprung clutch kit 05095-HDFF?

What is a clutch kit?

A clutch kit is a collection of driveline part upgrades that you buy as a package or unit for the purpose of repairing, replacing, or upgrading your car's clutch system. The core components of clutch kits are clutch pressure plates and clutch discs, but some clutch kit builders also include things like release bearings, flywheels, and bushings.

Why buy the Clutch Masters street sprung clutch kit 05095-HDFF?

Meets SFI® Specification 1.1

The Clutch Masters street sprung clutch kit 05095-HDFF has been declared safe for racing by The SFI Foundation, Inc. This 'SFI® Specification 1.1' rating sets it apart as a dependable clutch kit of high quality and value.

Made in the US

This clutch kit is manufactured in the US using the latest designing and engineering methodologies, e.g., FEA simulation, Advanced CAD, and CAM tools. It also benefits from top-notch materials and is formulated by US-trained designers and engineers with decades' worth of experience.

Proprietary Materials

The premium organic friction materials featured in this kit have higher heat thresholds, and they also disperse heat quickly. Therefore, you can push your car to its limits without reservation with this kit without worrying about heat buildup.

Lower noise levels

The heavy-duty torsional damper springs on this kit's clutch pressure plate help reduce noise shift noise by delivering excellent cushioning; this kit's special bushings also go a long way in helping to reduce noise.

Specifications and Features

Style: FX350

Count: single


Vehicle Compatibility

2009 to 2012 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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