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Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L – 2013+ 6-Speed.

Clutch Masters new FX-series change over kits for the Genesis Coupe 3.8L V6 feature a light weight single-mass steel flywheel along with all the necessary components for an easy bolt on installation.

Kits include the following:

High-Leverage‚Ñ¢ Pressure Plate

Performance Sprung Disc

Hydraulic Release Bearing

Pilot Bearing

Alignment Tool

Flywheel Crank Bolts

Steel Clutch Line

*Single-mass Steel Flywheel (Sold Separately)

The Clutch Masters High-Leverage‚Ñ¢ pressure plate provides an increase in clamping force while still maintaining a reasonable pedal feel. The High-Leverage‚Ñ¢ design reduces the amount of load against the crankshaft, minimizing thrust bearing wear, and crank walk. The pressure plate used on the change over kit is far more superior when compared to the OEM pressure plate since the Clutch Masters pressure plate is more durable, has a higher clamping force, and a thicker casting than the OEM pressure plate.

The Clutch Masters pressure plate utilizes a Heavy Duty ductile Iron casting which is a must have due to its strength, reliability and flexibility. The Ductile Iron casting incorporates ferrous alloy with a magnesium treatment, creating a structural alteration of graphite. The graphite creates spherical nodules, which restricts the development of fissures, thereby resulting in increased malleability.

The Clutch Masters single-mass flywheel eliminates the OEM Dual-Mass flywheel and is significantly lighter compared to the OEM dual mass flywheel. Clutch Masters has engineered the steel flywheel to be driver friendly with minimal gear rattle as well as ensuring any compromise of lost bottom end torque which can be reduced when using too light of a flywheel. The Clutch Masters flywheel offers a quicker throttle response as well as eliminating any lag caused by the OEM DMF. Clutch Masters Flywheels are SFI Certified meeting performance standards for the automotive and motorsport industry.

A new hydraulic release bearing, steel clutch line, as well as the necessary hardware are included to ensure proper installation. The Clutch Masters change-over kit weighs 38lbs as a complete unit with the single-mass steel flywheel.

(05600)-Clutch Kit Application List:

Hyundai- Genesis Coupe: 3.8L V6 – 2013+

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