ClutchMasters FX400 Race/Street Clutch Kit 4-Puck - Clutch Masters 2009-2012 Genesis 2.0T

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Clutchmasters FX400 Clutch Kit:
Ceramic System,
170% over stock holding capacity Ultra Heavy Duty Street and/or Racing.

The FX400 System uses the Power Plus I Pressure Plate with a Ceramic
disc. This s the ultimate, extreme-duty street, or road/drag racing
system. It is built using a special 4-wing Ceramic Button design disc
for long life, outstanding holding capacity and high heat dissipation.

SFI Approved for most race applications.

*Warning:* The Ceramic disc engages very quickly and may chatter slightly upon starting from a stop.


* Ultra heavy-duty street &racing system

* Holding capacity 170% over stock

* Heavy-Duty reinforced pressure plate

* Hi-Leverage pressure ring design

* Sprung hub/4-button

* Ceramic friction material

* SFI Approved on most race applications.


* Pressure Plate

* Clutch Disc

* Throw-out Bearing (when applicable)

* Pilot Bearing or Bushing (when applicable)

* Alignment Tool

FX400 Clutch Kit; Harsh Engagement; Best for Road Race (High Power)

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