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Top 3 reasons to upgrade to the 2013 Hyundai Elantra Disc Brake Pad Set HB735Z.666 by Hawk Performance

If the OE brakes of your 2013 Hyundai Elantra are overheating while you are driving, it is time for a brake upgrade. Fundametally, it means that your OE brakes cannot cope with your driving preferences or driving style. The__ disc brake pad set HB735Z.666 by Hawk Performance__ is an effective brake upgrade option for this car because it has been fashioned specifically for it. The guys at Hawk Performance took into account the weight, performance potential, and brake caliper/rotor specs of this car when manufacturing this brake set. Even better is the fact that you can buy this brake pad set for just $111.71. Below, we will discuss the following:

1. What is a disc brake pad set?
2. What are three reasons to upgrade?
3. Why buy the disc brake pad set HB735Z.666 by Hawk Performance?

What is a disc brake pad set?

A disc brake pad set is a box of brake pads (usually a set of four) that you purchase when you want to upgrade from your car’s OE brakes. It features two brake pads for each side of your vehicle, so they are specific to either the front or rear wheels. They also include items that help improve the brake pads' functionality; these items can consist of brake shims or anti-rattle clips.

What are 3 reasons to upgrade?

Improved Control:

Your car can exhibit way more control and composure while braking or slowing down when equipped with a set of high-quality brake pad upgrades. When heavily worked, your OE brake pads may, at times, fail to engage as firmly as they ought to due to high heat levels, and this may result in the shaking of your steering wheel. The Hawk Performance disc brake pad set HB735Z.666 benefits from superior friction materials that deliver a firmer initial bite and that have higher heat tolerance. Therefore, you will experience firmer and more controlled braking when your car is fitted with this brake pad set.

Shorter Stopping Distances:

Shorter stopping distances mean everything when competing against other drivers or trying to go around corners quicker. According to Car & Driver, the 2013 Hyundai Elantra requires a minimum of 178 feet to pull to a stop from 70 mph. With this brake set, your car’s braking distance is sure to reduce considerably, even by up to 20 percent. Therefore, it will enable you to get back on the gas pedal quicker after every braking motion, and consequently, move swifter than before.

Longer Wear Life:

The brake pads that you get with the Hawk Performance disc brake pad set HB735Z.666 feature thicker backing plates made from harder compounds, and so they are less likely to warp or fracture; they are also better at keeping dust and debris from coming between the brake pads and rotors. These brake pad upgrades also feature substantial layers of specially formulated, premium-grade friction material better at withstanding intense braking friction. Therefore, you will likely stay longer without getting brake pad replacements when you install this brake pad set.

Why buy the Disc Brake Pad Set HB735Z.666 by Hawk Performance?

  • You can install these brake pads for racing and track days because they can withstand intense repeated abuse without heating up excessively. Their exclusive friction materials have higher friction and heat tolerance.

  • The materials allow them to deliver ultra-low levels of brake dust, so your wheels will stay cleaner for longer.

  • This set has also received the ECE R 90 certification, which means that The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe has approved safe use in road-going vehicles.

  • Hawk Performance is renowned for its dedication to quality and precision in its products, and it has demonstrated the same in the disc brake pad set HB735Z.666.

  • Founded in the US, Hawk Performance is world-renowned for its high-quality brakes. It was established in 1990. So, it has many years of experience in developing brake pads, brake rotors, and many other brake system products. Hawk Performance is headquartered in Great Lakes, Midwestern US.

Specifications and Features

Caliper Type: OEM

Side: Front


Relevant part numbers

Vehicle Compatibility

2015 Hyundai Veloster

2013 to 2015 Hyundai Elantra

2014 Hyundai Elantra Coupe

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