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BC Redstuff 3000 series ceramic brake pads
provide optimum braking for highly tuned performance street cars.

These Redstuff 3000 series ceramic brake pads from EBC are made of heavy-duty
material for seriously fast road and track combination use.

These are truly impressive, fast road pads for repeated heavy braking. They have
good bite for highway driving and have been pounded on race tracks during
development. They emit far less dust than semimetallic pads and feature EBC
Brake-In surface coating, which conditions the rotor surface and accelerates pad

TECH TIP: They are capable of
withstanding limited track day usage. If you are looking for a track pad, try
the Yellowstuff pads. Includes a full set of front pads - that is enough to
completely replace all the pads on the front of your Genesis.

Fits: Hyundai Genesis Turbo Coupe (w/Brembo Brakes)

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