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7 Reasons to Upgrade to 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Fog Halo Kit 1196-333

Stand out from the crowd by augmenting the lights of your Hyundai Genesis Sedan with a striking halo design.

Imagine enjoying about 70% savings on energy consumed and 90% maintenance cost deductions for your car headlights? Have you ever thought of purchasing car headlights that are aesthetically so pleasing, low on energy utilization while providing bright rays that do not scatter around? That's what the fog halo kits offer. Little wonder they are the preferred design of modern headlights. Compared to the regular car lights, the 1196-333 fog halo kits provide brighter illumination for your 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan with less glare. You will enjoy purchasing the good ones like 1196-333 because of their lovely colors that aid your 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan driving vision.

Aside from these benefits, the lights LED serve the additional function of adding grace to the exterior beauty of your motors. Fog halo kits are affordable at $125.10 per unit.

Read on to know more about the fog halo kits and why you should purchase the 1196-333 for your 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan. Below is the article outline:

- What are fog halo kits?

- What are the seven reasons to upgrade?
- Why should you buy 1196-333 by Oracle Lighting?
- What to consider when buying?

What is a fog halo kit?

Fog halo kits, otherwise called halos, are lights installed in a circular design around an automobile's headlight assembly to serve aesthetic purposes or as auxiliary lights. They usually reflect at high-powered lighting levels.

They are also power-saving lights and can function under low-powered lighting conditions. Like the 1196-333 LED bulbs, their double signal-based lighting lights have adjustable luminosity.

Their LEDs reflect rich-colored lights and have a warranty when purchased from standard companies like Oracle Lighting. As expected, the primary aim is to complement the main car headlights, but they can also function as fancy lights for your Hyundai Genesis Sedan.

What are the seven reasons to upgrade?

Show-stopping looks: If you want an attention-grabbing update to the look of your 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan, a fog halo kit is undoubtedly one way to get it done. The SMD light array produces an intense glow that's noticeable during the day or night. With your choice of color and RBG control, you can ensure it upgrades your vehicle's style to your preference.

Higher durability: This advantage is one that most fog halo kits enthusiasts seek, which is what Oracle Lighting promises. Their 1196-333 LED fog halo kits have been designed to function at a low threshold which means there is a lesser strain on the battery. Besides, the operating temperature range is optimal, reducing the possibilities of overheating or damaging the lights framework.

Bright and Even Light Output: The 1196-333 comes with sharper light output than older models without the same temperature-related issues and lower power consumption. It's all thanks to eliminating resistors on the PCB and increasing the number of LEDs on the circuit board. The 1196-333 can simultaneously increase the brightness of your 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan lights and make your car more noticeable.

Easy installation: Oracle Lighting has made some improvements to make installing the 1196-333 as easy as possible. They removed the resistors on the back of the halo to make it easier to stick to the headlight securely. You can also effortlessly replace your fog halo kit by simply plugging the old one out and plugging in the new one thanks to the external cable. It's a quick DIY installation that shouldn't take more than an hour without any expensive equipment.

Customization and control: There are a variety of fog halo kit models from Oracle Lighting. You can opt for a fixed color bulb or one with customizable RBG palettes using a remote light controller. By using the LED technology, you will have greater control over the looks of your 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan to suit any occasion.

Affordable Upgrade: Assuming you have basic tools at home, upgrading your lights with the 1196-333 can cost as little as the $125.10 base price. For this, you get four light halos, one for each of your individual lights, and a Bluetooth controller. It's one of the most affordable lighting upgrades you can get to have the most noticeable effect on your 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan.

Energy-saving: As cosmetics/daytime running fog halo kits, one might wonder that the 1196-333 LED fog halo kits by Oracle Lighting would gradually drain the battery. But that's not the case! The halo LED fog halo kits have different operating modes. That also covers why their operating voltage is relatively low at standard levels.

Why should you purchase the 1196-333 by Oracle Lighting?

  • The 1196-333 is also battery-friendly and has a low operating condition of standard.

  • The 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Fog Halo Kit 1196-333 is manufactured by Oracle Lighting. The company is a pioneer in the automotive lighting industry and has a record for constantly innovating and improving its products.

  • Oracle Lighting has been in the business since 1999 and is a proudly American company founded in NEW ORLEANS. Their headquarters are located at 4401 DIVISION ST., METAIRIE, LA 70002.

  • The 1196-333 fog halo kit customizes the appearance of your 2009-10 Hyundai Genesis Sedan.

  • Oracle Lighting provides plenty of information and support to its customers. You can reach them via email at or from their contact page. You can also contact us for any fitment or other advice.

  • You get all of the benefits mentioned above for only $125.10.

  • Oracle Lighting, the manufacturing company, has fantastic customer support platforms like a responsive contact-us phone dial at 1-800-407-5776
    1-504-835-0055. An alternative means to reach out to them is by email at

  • Supplementary information or self-help alternatives are also on their well-detailed official website. There is also an online installation page to assist DIY buyers.

  • On top of the standard warranty, you can also cheaply extend the warranty for your 1196-333 so that you can buy with confidence.

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