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3 Advantages of Installing the 19-12024-00-9 Fog Light on Your 2011-13 Hyundai Elantra

Having a Hyundai headlight complete assembly is essential for seeing correctly in the dark. Nevertheless, a bad weather, heavy rain, or even dust can blur your front view during the day, except when you have a working fog light. When such occurs, the CAPA-certified 19-12024-00-9 by TYC Genera is our recommended choice for you.
Their distinct on-road lighting power is due to their screw-in installation below the main headlights of your Hyundai Elantra model. It also explains why the CAPA-certified $204.15 light does not give off scattered rays, even in a hazy atmosphere.
But is that all that the 19-12024-00-9 fog light has to offer? Keep scrolling to know about fog lights and the advantages of installing them on your Hyundai automobile.

- What is a fog light?
- What are the three reasons to install?
- Why should you install the 19-12024-00-9 by TYC Genera?
- What to consider before purchasing?

What is a fog light?

A fog light is an auxiliary car light that helps the motorist see ahead when navigating under poor visibility. There are two types: the front fog light and the rear fog light. The front fog light is the regular one that most people know. The reflective beam is wide-angled and designed to focus on the ground. It helps you see what is in front. We also have the rear fog light, and its job is to make other drivers locate you during such low visibility periods. It uses halogen lighting sources that can be misinterpreted as brake lights because of color similarity.
However, color does not classify what car lightings are fog light or not. There is no universal color for the fog lamps. For example, the 19-12024-00-9 bulbs are identified by their light, focusing only on the ground ahead.

What are the 3 reasons to install?

1. Improved Driving Vision: Fog lights like the CAPA-certified 19-12024-00-9 are supplemental lighting that supports driving vision when the front view is blurry. Typically found below the 2011-13 Hyundai Elantra main headlight assembly, they brighten only the road ahead. Hence, lighting reflections returning to the driver's eyes are limited since the halogen fog lamps don't reflect straight ahead.
2. Increased Visibility: It's one thing to have a clear front driving view and another for other car owners to see you during poor visibility scenarios. That's what the TYC Genera bulbs do. They offer a higher sense of security since you're assured that other drivers can see your Hyundai Elantra. The lighting from their plastic lens is similar to the brake light.
3. Accessory Lights: Despite a few laws that don't enable drivers to use the halogen fog lights under normal driving conditions, their use improves your 2011-13 Hyundai Elantra aesthetics. Nevertheless, these clear fog light bulbs should not be installed as headlight replacements because they are primarily manufactured for poor lighting situations. Therefore, the absence of restraining laws can see them being utilized as auxiliary lights that beautify our automobiles under naturally bright conditions.

Why should you install the 19-12024-00-9 by TYC Genera?

  • The 19-12024-00-9 units are compatible with your 2011-13 Hyundai Elantra. Their maintenance is also easy.

  • As 19-12024-00-9 fog lights, they have clear, powerful beams for extreme weather and fog, even as halogen lamps.

  • Guarantee of fantastic brightening performance since TYC Genera is a trustworthy lighting firm.

  • You will enjoy a quick and fast fog light installation that demands no specialist knowledge. It's a screw-in car light and requires little to zero expertise to use.

  • Their plastic lens material is also quality and does not easily break. The bulbs are from strong plastics that do not get damaged quickly.

  • At only $204.15, the CAPA-certified 19-12024-00-9 lights are of high quality and provide reasonable value for money.

What to consider before purchasing?

Not every fog light is factory installed, and there is a need to understand what to consider when searching for the right one for your 2011-13 Hyundai Elantra. First on our list of features to consider is the manufacturing design. The design includes important information like the type of lens material, vehicle-specific compatibility, and installation modes. The 19-12024-00-9 has a screw-in installation design.
The bulb's brightness is another crucial factor to think about. Since the fog light is for seeing better under poor visibility, its clear beams should be adequate for extreme fog and weather conditions. The bulb's lighting power is the next point to consider since the luminosity must be good enough for adverse weather or foggy conditions. Leading brands like TYC Genera understand this, and that's what makes their products stand out. Lastly, try to verify the expected useful life to be certain you're getting value from the reasonably priced 19-12024-00-9 fog light.

Specifications and Features

Bulb type: Halogen

Components included: Complete Assembly

Fog light bulb included: YES

Fog light bulb type: Halogen

Housing material: Plastic

Lens color: Clear

Lens material: Plastic

Other side: 19-12023-00-9

Position: Left

Feature: capa certified

Attachment method: Screw In


Side: left


Vehicle Compatibility

2011 to 2013 Hyundai Elantra

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