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7 Reasons to Upgrade to 2011-13 Hyundai Sonata Halo Projector Headlights PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK

Upgrade the stock headlights of your Hyundai Sonata with the eye-catching PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK.

Following the release of halo projector headlights like the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK bulbs, night journeys with your 2011-13 Hyundai Sonata is no longer as dangerous as it used to be. All you need is to install halo LEDs from licensed vendors like Spyder Auto and begin to enjoy brighter headlights that consume lesser energy and maintenance costs. Their reflection is straight and has little to zero glare.

Aside from these advantages, the projector headlamps, LED taillights, and LED fog lights LED perform the additional function of adding grace to the exterior beauty of your motors. halo projector headlights are easy to get at $387.02 per paired unit.

Keep scrolling through this product guide to discover all you need to know about purchasing the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK halo projector headlights for your 2011-13 Hyundai Sonata. We'll consider the following:

- What is a halo projector headlight?
- What are the seven reasons to upgrade?
- Why should you purchase the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK by Spyder Auto?
- What to consider when buying?

What are halo projector headlights?

Halo projector headlights, otherwise called halos, are projector headlamps, LED taillights, and LED fog lights installed in a circular design around an automobile's headlight assembly to serve aesthetic purposes or as auxiliary lights. They usually operate at high-powered lighting levels.

They are also power-saving lights and can function under low-powered lighting conditions. Like the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK LED bulbs, their double signal-based lighting lights have adjustable luminosity.

Their LEDs reflect black lights and have a warranty when ordered from verified stores like Spyder Auto. As expected, the main function is to complement the main car headlights, but they can also be used as fancy lights for your Hyundai Sonata.

What are the seven reasons to upgrade?

Better vehicle appearance: What many people know is how the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK projector headlamps, LED taillights, and LED fog lights LEDs help for a clearer front view. However, they perform other uses, such as customizing the lighting appearance of your car. The paired black LED halo projector headlights are fascinating and give your car lighting a more spectacular look. An application is their fashionable low-power bulb. A practical illustration will be how their low power halo projector headlights make vehicles more appealing.

Increased reliability: Newer halo projector headlight models like the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK are fitted with an LED driver that balances the input voltage and protects the LEDs from current and voltage fluctuations. Older halo lights used resistors on the back of the circuit board. If one resistor blew, the entire light array would go out. The new model also supports a wider voltage range.

Enhanced visibility: The effect of driving conditions comes first, and that's what these PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK halo projector headlights do for your car. The LEDs lights have black display support that improves your visibility to others. Rather than scatter around, they shine centrally, helping others see you.

Easy installation: Spyder Auto has made some improvements to make installing the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK as easy as possible. They removed the resistors on the back of the halo to make it easier to stick to the headlight securely. You can also effortlessly replace your halo projector headlight by simply plugging the old one out and plugging in the new one thanks to the external cable. It's a quick DIY installation that shouldn't take more than an hour without any special equipment.

Customization and control: The PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK model halo projector headlight comes with Spyder Auto's LED technology. The RBG color output of the 5050 tri-node LED array can easily be adjusted on-demand using either Bluetooth or a specialized remote controller. Since not all colors are road legal, you can use allowed colors when driving on the streets but let your creativity go on track days or in private.

Affordable Upgrade: For such a striking aesthetic upgrade to your car, the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK is a reasonably cheap upgrade at $387.02. You also don't need to visit a mechanic, or even own any specialized equipment, or have a ton of experience to DIY upgrade your 2011-13 Hyundai Sonata.

Energy-saving: The excellent energy-saving feature of the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK halo projector headlights is an additional reason to purchase one of their LEDs. The operating voltage of the Spyder Auto PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK bulb is standard, which shines brightly considering the low power it utilizes. The lighting car bulbs function on low power levels, or high-power as the case might be.

Why should you purchase the PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK by Spyder Auto?

  • The PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK is also battery-friendly and has a low operating condition of standard.

  • The 2011-13 Hyundai Sonata Halo Projector Headlights PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK is manufactured by Spyder Auto. The company is a pioneer in the automotive lighting industry and has a record for constantly innovating and improving its products.

  • Spyder Auto has been in the business since 2006 and is a proudly American company founded in the USA. Spyder Auto, 19395 E Walnut Dr North, City of Industry, CA 91748, United States is the registered business address and headquarters of Spyder Auto.

  • The PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK LEDs produce brighter and more fancy lights that make your automobile standout.

  • Spyder Auto provides plenty of information and support to its customers. You can reach them via email at info@spyderauto.com or from their contact page. You can also contact us for any fitment or other advice.

  • At $387.02, their bulbs have an excellent operating range that prevents overheating.

  • Spyder Auto provides plenty of supporting information. You can access Installation Instructions and other documentation from the support center.

  • On top of the standard warranty, you can also cheaply extend the warranty for your PRO-YD-HYSON11-DRL-BK so that you can buy with confidence.

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