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HKS celebrates the 20th Anniversary of the original Electronic Valve Controller (EVC) with an all-new EVC boost controller model 45003-AK005. The original EVC released in 1987 was the first commercially available electronic boost controller, and revolutionized the aftermarket industry. HKS’ 20 years and five EVC generations of boost control knowledge has been harnessed into this all-new EVC.

The new HKS EVC has improved boost stability for maintaining pressure at high RPMs providing increased top-end power, and a new mapping feature allows boost pressure to be precisely tuned for throttle + RPM (or vehicle speed). The new EVC also offers a selectable kPa or PSI unit of measure, and a unique warning feature where if over boosting occurs, boost pressure can be programmed to drop to a user preset level. The new target boost setting and volume knob with three button user interface makes setup and tuning intuitive and simple. The design of the new EVC features a sleek black case with a clear acrylic faceplate and a positive lit LCD display offering a sophisticated look.


High Boost Capability
  • 250kPa/36PSI
Target Boost
  • User inputs target boost level, and the EVC automatically adjusts pressure to reach desired level.
Offset Function
  • If boost exceeds or does not achieve user’s target, boost pressure can be offset to reach desired level.
Map Correction Mode
  • Boost pressure can be fine tuned for: Throttle Position, RPM, Vehicle Speed, Throttle Position + RPM, or Throttle Position + Vehicle Speed.
Dual Boost Mode Settings
  • Separate A and B boost levels can be input independently from each other, and selected depending on driving conditions.
Scramble Boost Function
  • When the scramble boost trigger is depressed a preset boost increase will occur for a predetermined time (0-60seconds).
  • External Scramble Boost Trigger compatible.
Metric or SAE selectable monitoring
  • Users can choose during initial setup metric (kPa) or SAE (PSI) boost pressure measurement for monitoring.
Warning Function with Boost Drop Feature
  • A user preset warning level can be set where visual and audible alerts occur if the warning level is reached. Boost pressure can be preset to drop too a user defined level if pressure reaches warning level.
Analog and Digital Boost Monitoring
  • Boost pressure can be displayed in both an analog bar graph format and a digital numerical value.
Additional Digital Monitoring
  • Along with Boost Pressure two additional vehicle vitals can be monitored: Throttle Position, Engine RPM or Vehicle Speed.
Selectable Analog Monitoring
  • The digital bar graph can be set to monitor: Boost Pressure, Throttle Position, Engine RPM or Vehicle Speed.
After Image Function
  • Users can set the EVC to display the highest boost pressure reached for 3-seconds after the throttle has been released.
Peak Hold
  • The EVC will store to memory and keep displayed the maximum boost achieved.
Data Lock
  • To prevent accidental data changes from occurring, the EVC can be locked with a user defined four digit code.
Positive LCD display with LED Lighting
  • Black foreground with white background and LED lighting provides excellent visibility during both daytime and nighttime use.
Dimmer Function
  • Brightness of display can be adjusted for user comfort.
Rear Mounted Wiring harness
  • For a clean and simple installation the wiring harness connects to the back of the EVC unit.

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