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Top 4 Reasons to Upgrade Your 2011-17 Hyundai Sonata Intake Valve 3016-8 by GSC

Improve your engine speed, mileage, and lifespan by upgrading your stock intake valve to the 3016-8.

If you’re interested, upgrading your 2011-17 Hyundai Sonata's intake with the 3016-8 is one of the smartest decisions you can make. We will tell you about these benefits in detail in the product description below. Here is what we'll cover:

* What is an intake valve?
* What are the 4 reasons to upgrade?
* Why should you buy 3016-8 by GSC?

What is an intake valve, and how does it work?

An intake valve controls the air and gas that passes into the internal combustion engine. First, it has to let just the right amount of fuel mixture into the cylinders. When the mixture is compressed in the engine cylinders, the intake valve must shut to prevent fuel from running out. The compressed air is then ignited, creating a force that drives the car.

What are the 4 reasons to upgrade?

Increased speed:

With a performance head, the 3016-8 lets a higher amount of fuel into the internal combustion engine. More oxygen and fuel will result in better internal combustion in the cylinders, resulting in a more significant force and horsepower. That means you could add another 2-3 HP on top of the stock, 210 HP @ 6000 RPM for the 2011-17 Hyundai Sonata.

Improved gas efficiency:

The intake valves are machined from one piece with strict dimensional tolerances. The seat on the head is precisely machine to seal exactly with the valve seat of the intake shaft. This precision provides optimal air/fuel flow for smoother internal combustion, resulting in better performance and mileage.

Improved engine lifespan:

The of the 3016-8 valve is made from highly durable materials to absorb enormous pressure. Its coating has a higher microhardness than the stainless steel base. Thanks to a minimum microhardness of 800hv, the stem have flexibility under high pressures. The tips are hardened beyond 52HRc for extra fatigue resistance and tensile strength.

Budget-friendly replacement:

Replacing your 2011-17 Hyundai Sonata intake valve is a low-cost, high-reward replacement. You can get an entire set of intake valves for $39.1. Installation is simple and can be completed by a capable car mechanic.

Why should you buy 3016-8 by GSC?

  • GSC manufactures the 3016-8. Since 2004, they created performance engine components such as valves, valve springs, cam followers, and pistons, specializing in racing components.

  • GSC is headquartered in 4500 Goer Dr. Suite G, North Charleston, SC 29406. You can contact them directly for quality customer service here or email them. You can always contact us for any assistance as well.

  • GSC applies a high degree of testing to ensure the standards of its products. Their valves are subjected to ultrasonic, x-rays, laser measurement tests, and computerized Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

  • You can buy these valves for a cost-effective price of $39.1.

  • The intake valves are high quality and made with strict industry standards in mind.

  • You can find plenty more information on their website.

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