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3 Reasons to Upgrade to the 2009-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan Main Bearing Set 5M1295HX-STD by ACL

If the main bearings on your 2009-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan keep failing, then you ought to replace them with a higher-grade set of bearings. The solution for spun bearings is installing race-spec bearings like the main bearing set 5M1295HX-STD by ACL. The ACL Race Series engine bearings have been used in top-level racing competitions many times with outstanding success. Therefore, you can count on these higher-grade race-spec bearings to withstand the improved performance of your car. They cost just $225.32, which isn't much when you consider the engine repair money they will save you. Below, we will discuss the following:

1. What is the main bearing set?
2. What are three reasons to upgrade?
3. Why buy the ACL main bearing set 5M1295HX-STD?

What is the main bearing set?

Main bearings are located within the saddles of a piston engine block, and they hold the ends of your car's crankshaft, making it easier for the crankshaft to rotate within an engine block. The ACL main bearing set 5M1295HX-STD comprises journal bearings.

What are three reasons to upgrade?

Better Lubrication

Your main bearings and a film of oil are what stands between your car's crankshaft and its engine block. Therefore, the more substantial the oil film, the better, especially when running a higher horsepower engine. The ACL main bearing set 5M1295HX-STD guarantees a thicker oil film because they are made with + 0.001" extra oil clearance. They also feature extended oil grooves and tapered groove run-out that help to improve the passage of oil between the bearings and the crankshaft. These ACL main bearings are 0.7087in ( 18.00 mm) max long, have a shaft size of 2.0457in ( 51.960 mm) maximum, and a tunnel size of up to 2.2054in ( 56.018 mm).

Superior Seizure Prevention

Bearing seizure is the last thing you want for your 2009-16 Hyundai Genesis Sedan engine. When exposed to extremely high temperatures (primarily because of more friction between the bearings and the crankshaft), your engine's bearings can soften, melt, and consequently get seized around the journals of your crankshaft. When spun around at high RPM, seized bearings tear up the bores in your engine block and may cause even more damage to your engine. The ACL main bearing set 5M1295HX-STD can help prevent that because they have an additional lead-tin-copper overlay with a higher load-carrying capacity of up to 12,000 PSI or over 800 horsepower. This layer is also deformable and more friction resistant, and so it does a better job of preventing seizure.

Guaranteed to Last Longer

The ACL main bearing set 5M1295HX-STD will last longer than your stock main engine bearings. These more rigid bearings are designed especially for high-performance driving and high horsepower applications. They feature three layers of friction-resistant nickel and lead-tin-copper alloys, all bonded to SAE1010 high strength steel plates that will maintain crush high engine loads. In addition, these performance engine bearings deliver increased force, which results in superior heat management.

Why buy the ACL main bearing set 5M1295HX-STD?

  • ACL was founded in 1937 in Australia. It is among the oldest engine bearing manufacturers in the world. It has a great deal of experience designing engine components for Asian, American, and European performance engines, serving both the OE replacement market and the aftermarket. ACL is headquartered at 4722 Danvers Drive, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Racers worldwide have set record times and won competitions with the ACL's performance engine bearings. The products are used by top-level racing teams in competitions like NASCAR, IHRA, and the NHRA. Therefore, you cannot go wrong with the ACL main bearing set 5M1295HX-STD.

  • This main bearing set is produced at 4722 Danvers Drive, Grand Rapids, Michigan. So, it benefits from highly regulated manufacturing processes that guarantee high-quality products.

Specifications and Features

Oil clearance: + 0.001" Extra

Half type: Upper & Lower

Material: Tri-metal Hardened steel backs

Min std shaft size: 2.0450in ( 51.942 mm)

Max std shaft size: 2.0457in ( 51.960 mm)

Min std tunnel size: 2.2047in ( 56.000 mm)

Max std tunnel size: 2.2054in ( 56.018 mm)

Max wall at crown: 0.0791in ( 2.009mm)

Max overall length: 0.7087in ( 18.00 mm)

Feature: high


Count: extra

: 0.7087in / 18.00 mm


Vehicle Compatibility

2009 to 2016 Hyundai Genesis Sedan

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