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3 Reasons to Upgrade to the 2005 Hyundai Sonata Main Bearing Set MB5315XPC by King Engine Bearings

Are you looking for engine bearings that can handle the tough demands of competition-level racing? Try the King Engine Bearings main bearing set MB5315XPC. Unlike most factory-equipped engine bearings that feature just two layers of metallic alloys on top of their steel backings, this King Engine Bearings set has more rigid material. These bearings are a grade above your stock main bearings because they have three layers of friction-resistant insulation mounted on steel backings while your stock bearings have just two. King Engine Bearings has been producing engine bearings for over half a century, and so it has a lot of experience in this field. In terms of pricing, the King Engine Bearings main bearing set MB5315XPC will set you back just $87.1. In this article, we will discuss the different benefits of this bearing set, but let us first look into the following:

1. What is the main bearing set?
2. What are three reasons to upgrade?
3. Why buy the King Engine Bearings main bearing set MB5315XPC?

What is the main bearing set?

The main bearings in an internal combustion engine are designed to alleviate friction between the crankshaft and the engine block, enabling the crankshaft to rotate at high speeds as driven by the piston rods. The set includes both bearings.

What are three reasons to upgrade?

Better Lubrication

Your stock main bearings may not be able to cope with your car's boosted engine output. Higher horsepower will cause the pistons and piston rods in your engine to push down with greater speed and intensity, causing the crankshaft to rotate at higher speeds. The increased rotation speed of the crankshaft will diminish the lubricating effect of the thin oil film between the main bearings and the crankshaft. The crankshaft may end up rubbing against your bearings more, causing intense friction that may tear apart your bearings. Worse still, it may even weld onto the crankshaft and cause catastrophic damage to your engine. These King Engine Bearings' main bearings are designed with extended oil grooves and tapered groove run-outs that ensure a more dependable flow of oil, and they have also been designed with a good oil clearance for a thicker oil film. Therefore, you can count on them to sustain excellent lubrication even with increased heat and friction levels that come with the increased horsepower.

Superior Seizure Prevention

The bearings that come with the King Engine Bearings main bearing set MB5315XPCare far less prone to bearing seizure than the OE bi-metal aluminum-alloy bearings in your 2005 Hyundai Sonata. These bi-metal aluminum bearings operate favorably within specified horsepower levels. They are likely to flake or peel under higher engine loads. In extreme cases, their aluminum alloys may soften and melt, and as a result, the crankshaft may seize them. These King Engine Bearings main bearings have an extra lead-tin-copper overlay that delivers better wear and seizure resistance under high engine loads. Therefore, you will do well to get these King Engine Bearings race series bearings for your car, especially if you plan to enhance its performance significantly.

Guaranteed to Last Longer

The King Engine Bearings main bearing set MB5315XPC will last longer than your stock main engine bearings. These more rigid bearings are made mainly for high-performance driving and high horsepower applications. They feature three layers of friction-resistant nickel and lead-tin-copper alloys, all bonded to SAE1010 high strength steel plates that will maintain crush high engine loads. In addition, these performance engine bearings deliver increased force, which results in improved heat management.

Why buy the King Engine Bearings main bearing set MB5315XPC?

  • King Engine Bearings has been developing engine bearings and several other automotive products for over eight decades. It has vast experience in this field than most of the other engine-bearing makers in the market. The company's high level of engineering expertise, dedication to quality and innovation, and knack to deliver products that fulfill their intended purposes competently have set it apart in the engine component manufacturing industry.

  • The main bearing set MB5315XPC is part of the King Engine Bearings range of performance engine bearings. It will perform better than basic engine bearings in upgraded performance or higher horsepower applications.

  • This main bearing set is produced at 26 Okner Parkway, Livingston NJ 07039, USA. So, it profits from highly regulated manufacturing processes that promise superior products.

Specifications and Features

Count:set of 5

Vehicle Compatibility

2005 Hyundai Sonata

2001 to 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe

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