Megan Racing Rear Trailing Arms - Genesis Coupe 2010+

Megan Racing Rear Trailing Arms - Genesis Coupe 2010+


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Megan Racing has now developed control arms for the Hyundai crowd that
will help attain a higher level of control and performance. Constructed
of a Reinforced Rubber Bushing , these trailing arms remain light weight
while being able to take the punishment of competition and extreme
conditions. A 3-Stage powder-coating process the control arms will
easily combat the elements for years of performance.

These trailing arms allow the adjustment of the suspension geometry in
the rear wheels which can drastically effect the responsiveness of the
car during hard cornering or drifting. The Pillow ball ends replace the
OEM soft-rubber bushings which absorb too much energy that is then
wasted in deflection throwing the alignment out of spec mid-corner...
the result of these upgraded trailing arms is a more direct suspension
feel of the rear suspension, minimized suspension deflection and an
increased in overall responsiveness.



2010+ Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2 Dr only)

- Bushings are made of hardened rubber, 150% Harder than stock bushings

- Made with high-strength and anti-cracking rubber material

- Rubber viscosity is around 2000KGS