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3 Reasons to Install the M513 Oil Pump on Your 2010-11 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Whether you own a 2010-11 Hyundai Genesis Coupe or any other model, the reliability of the engines depends on the flow of oil through them. That's why good oil pumps are important. They are responsible for the oil flow that allows proper lubrication of the moving parts of the Electronic Injection engines.
That's what makes quality pumps like the M513 essential. Manufactured by the Melling, the $169.54 gear pumps are highly essential for the everyday operation of your gasoline engine. They influence the oil flow rate to the engine parts.
Are you interested in knowing more about oil pumps and their applications? Keep reading this article.

- What is an oil pump?
- What are the 3 reasons to purchase?
- Why should you buy the M513 by Melling?
- What to consider before purchasing?

What is an oil pump?

Sometimes regarded as the heart of the internal combustion engine, the oil pump is a hydraulic component that does the fundamental function of oil circulation to the engine's bearings, camshaft, and pistons. Due to its purpose, any problem with the oil pump would cause a serious engine breakdown.
Hence, the compatibility of a replacement oil pump with your vehicle is crucial for excellent engine performance. An example is the M513 gear pump designed for the 2010-11 Hyundai Genesis Coupe by the Melling manufacturing group.
When you install the right oil pumps, the engine delivers expected results. It's also essential to identify when a replacement is due. Problems like low oil pressure in the Electronic Injection engine, increased operating temperature, and squeaking sound when the engine is without load indicate that a replacement oil pump is required.

What are the 3 reasons to purchase?

1. Prevent Noise in Moving Engine Parts: Swapping your old oil pumps with the M513 gear ones would help release enough oil to the 3.3L V6 5AT (235 HP) engine parts. The aluminum gear pumps would then monitor the circulation of the oil to reach all those moving parts like the Drive Shaft.
For the 2010-11 Hyundai, the absence of such an oil pump would result in noisy operations. Also, the moving 5-speed automatic engine components begin to wear off and negatively affect your front-wheel-drive performance.
2. Efficient Cooling Systems: Another reason to purchase the M513 gear oil pump is to keep the V6 3.8L engine cool. The installation is done by mounting on the 3 9.06 diameter holes. The Melling's gear pump then contributes as much pressure as is sufficient to preserve the consistent flow of hot oil back to the cool ones in the engine and out again.
Nevertheless, the regular gear pumps are not cooling systems themselves. They only contribute to cooling the engine by controlling the oil flow through the heat exchanger to the 3342 cm3 engines. Their aluminum frame also helps maintain safe temperature ranges. Besides, don’t forget to check if the gasket or seal included option for the M513 is Yes or No.
3. Better Engine Performance: Purchase of the regular M513 oil pumps affects the output of your 2010-11 Hyundai Genesis Coupe engine. The continuous cycle of fresh oil sustains the 23.3 mpg-US (10.1 L/100Km) mileage. It also aids the 5-speed automatic engine to achieve the 141.7 mph (228 km/h) top speed by doing lesser work. That also translates to exceptional 3.3L V6 5AT (235 HP) horsepower ratings.

Why should you buy the M513 by Melling?

  • Made of aluminum, the M513 proffers durable performance that serves your Hyundai Medium style for a long time.

  • It is 100% compatible with your 3342 cm3 V6 engine and guarantees adequate oil pressure and volume levels to the system.

  • Melling is a brand that you can believe, especially if you're buying their oil pump for the first time. Their products are reliable with excellent customer service.

What to consider before purchasing?

Ordering a new oil pump without considering its compatibility with your 3.3L V6 5AT (235 HP) Hyundai can lead to other engine problems. Hence, focusing on the enumerated considerations helps make suitable replacement oil pump choices.
Engine Type: Like the M513 gear oil pumps, replacement pumps come with varying specifications. Some have vehicle-specific usage and might not fit well on your 5-speed automatic Hyundai.
Volume Capacity: The more volume your regular aluminum pump can contain, the higher the flow rate of the oil around the electronic injection V6 engine. However, the volume should be in sync with the rating of your 3342 cm3 auto evolution Hyundai engine.
Pressure Rating: The amount of pressure the oil pump can create is another factor that determines its relevance with your 2010-11 Hyundai Genesis Coupe engine. Low pressure would mean inadequate oil flow from the 88.35mm regular pumps that are unwanted for the 5-speed automatic engines.

Specifications and Features



Grade Type:Regular

Gasket Or Seal Included:Yes

Mounting Hole Quantity:3

Housing Material:Aluminum

Drive Type:Drive Shaft

Oil Pump Type:Gear

Mounting Hole Diameter:9.06


Vehicle Compatibility

2006 to 2010 Hyundai Sonata V6 3.3L

2007 to 2009 Hyundai Santa Fe V6 3.3L

2009 to 2011 Hyundai Genesis Sedan V6 3.8L

2010 to 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6 3.8L

2006 to 2011 Hyundai Azera V6 3.8L

2007 to 2011 Hyundai Azera V6 3.3L

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