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3 Reasons to get the Bilstein Suspension 24-196390 Shock Absorber for your 2010-16 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Have you ever traveled on a bumpy road and thought of how the automobile wheels maintain balance while turning or braking? That’s the function of the shock absorber part of the suspension control system. The Bilstein Suspension is one of the leading vendors, and their 24-196390 shocks contribute to better balance and handling.
With full compatibility on the 2010-16 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, the $128 B6 shocks are a great buy. They optimize driving comfort by supporting the tire’s grip with the road.
This article comprehensively enumerates the benefits of buying the 24-196390 shocks. It also covers what to consider before purchasing a shock absorber.

What is a shock absorber?
What are the 3 reasons to buy?
Why should you buy the 24-196390 by Bilstein Suspension?
What to consider before purchasing?

What is a shock absorber?

A shock absorber is a hydraulic/mechanical part of the automobile suspension system that absorbs shock from sudden impact, thereby limiting the vibration of the vehicle’s spring and suspension. In simpler words, it lessens the magnitude of the high-impact force that can cause your rear wheel drive Hyundai to bounce.
The 24-196390 Bilstein Suspension monotube unit is our recommended shock absorber for the 2010-16 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Their eye 14.1mm lower mount with stem upper mount style makes them suitable. Like 24-196390, the shock absorber operates like an oil pump that dissipates kinetic energy into thermal energy. Bilstein Suspension is the manufacturing brand, and their 24-196390 is recommended for installation on the rear of the 2010-16 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The shocks also help to support the 4255 lbs (1930 kg) weight of the 2010-16 Hyundai Genesis Coupe with the aid of their stem upper mount and eye 14.1mm lower mount specifications.
They continuously adjust to varying road conditions for safer car handling and effective braking response. With sound shock absorbers, you enjoy the smooth and seamless performance of your 2.0L Turbo 5AT (210 HP) engines.
Besides, managing weakened shock absorbers is not advised. It causes unwanted jittering of your car and affects steering control. It also causes your Hyundai to bounce at the slightest road bump.

What are the 3 reasons to buy?

1. Better Handling and Stability: Getting original suspension shocks firmly keep your 5-speed automatic (SHIFTRONIC) Hyundai tires on the ground, especially on bumpy roads. Usually, the road vibrations should cause the car to bounce. But that’s not the case with installed 24-196390 monotube shocks since their B6 hydraulic design manages the resulting vibrations. Hence, you get to enjoy better handling and stability of your rear wheel drive Coupe.
2. Safer Driving: Driving under zero-risks situations is regarded as safe driving, and that’s what the Bilstein Suspension shocks provide. Their shock absorber has eye 14.1mm lower mount and a stem upper mount framework that complements the balance that your Hyundai Genesis Coupe demands on bumpy terrains. That clarifies why you must get a new 24-196390 monotube replacement shock absorber when the former gets worn out.
3. Increased Comfort: Improvement in comfort while driving is another reason to purchase the 24-196390 shock absorbers. The B6 suspension parts limit the bouncing effect from running into potholes or road bumps. The shocks are installed on the rear end of your 4255 lbs (1930 kg) 2010-16 Hyundai Coupé (two-door) and function to even out the induced road vibrations.

Why should you buy the 24-196390 by Bilstein Suspension?

  • The rightly done installation of the 24-196390 suspension unit contributes to the stability of your 2010-16Hyundai Genesis Coupe, even on rough roads.

  • Since 1954, the Bilstein Suspension group has established itself as one of the most reliable shock absorbers vendors. They are a trusted brand, and you can browse their website page for more information about them.

  • Bilstein Suspension has easily accessible customer support numbers (1 858-386-5900
    44 116 289 8345) for their England branch. The company also offers support means for other locations through their contact-us page.

  • Other means of contacting them include the email option at *. Also, try checking the mail for their other locations on the contact-us page.

  • The $128 yellow paint 24-196390 shock absorber is original and durable on your Gasoline-powered Hyundai Coupé (two-door) models.

Specifications and Features

Series: B6 performance

Internal Design: Monotube

California Proposition 65: Warning cancer & reproductive harm - cancer & reproductive harm -

Finish: Yellow paint

Boot Included: No

Lower Mount Type: Eye 14.1mm

Upper Mount Type: Stem

Side: Rear

Style: B6

Relevant part numbers

Alternate Part Number(s): 24196390

Vehicle Compatibility

2010 to 2016 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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