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3 Reasons to Upgrade to the FMSS3 Short and Side Shifter for Your 2018 Hyundai Veloster

Judging by the highly affordable price of the FMSS3 short and side shifter, it’s a budget-friendly approach to upgrading the output of your 2018 Hyundai Veloster. It’s a driveline component that aids faster gear shifts that ease the driving process.
In addition to supporting the productive output of the fuel-driven manual transmission, the FMSS3 improves the overall driving experience. The Forge Motorsport is the maker, and their other actuators, wastegates, intercoolers, radiators, valves, and brakes products mark the brand’s excellence.
With a $129 price tag, the FMSS3 short and side shifter is a prominent driveline choice for racing enthusiasts who want to try the experience of quicker manual transmission shifts on their Hyundai Veloster.

- What is a short and side shifter?
- What are the 3 reasons to upgrade?
- Why should you buy the FMSS3?
- What to consider before buying?

What is a Short and Side Shifter?

A short and side shifter is a delicate part of a manual transmission setup that decreases the distance the gear knob makes to switch gears. The quicker shifts mean reduced arm movements that help accelerate faster.
Most short and side shifters are smaller in height than the stock ones. A big error would be to expect that cutting off some of your gear stick would better your transmission. Their decreased shaft because of the raised pivot makes the FMSS3 short and side shifter more efficient. Due to the shortened shaft, which stands for the distance covered by the gear knob, the short and side shifters are of lesser height than the stock ones. However, that does not mean chopping off part of your gear shift would make it a short and side shifter. It’s more than that. The distinction lies in the more advanced positioning of the pivot closer to the gear knob.
An example of such short and side shifters is the FMSS3. It is also a compatible driveline model with the 2018 Hyundai Veloster. The manufacturing brand is Forge Motorsport, specializing in actuators, wastegates, intercoolers, radiators, valves, and brakes as a leading brand. Therefore, getting one of their short and side shifters would serve as support to your gear systems.

What are the 3 reasons to upgrade?

1. Effective Gear Shifts: Upgrading your driveline gears to the FMSS3 short and side shifter improves the precision of the transmission response when braking or speeding to the top speed. That explains why it is the selected choice in racing automobiles. Every second counts and the faster gear shifts offered by these Forge Motorsport products help achieve that.
2. Creates a sporty feel: If you are an admirer of the solid and more controlling feel of racing car gears, you will understand why getting a driveline upgrade to short and side shifters is essential. Faster shift times, more effective control, and a more robust gear stick are some of the advantages of getting the $129 FMSS3 for your Hyundai Veloster. They relish the sports car experience.
3. Better Driving Experience: If you are tired of dragging the gear stick extensively or mistakenly hitting the passenger while trying to engage gears, the FMSS3 short and side shifter might be what you need. It is a driveline upgrade that makes driving easier. It operates with manual transmissions like the engine system of your Hyundai and helps improve the everyday shifting experience.

Why should you buy the FMSS3?

  • To enjoy better and swifter transmission shifts on your 2018 vehicle.

  • The Forge Motorsport, the manufacturer of the FMSS3, is an expert in driveline components such as actuators, wastegates, intercoolers, radiators, valves, and brakes. Since its establishment in 1996, it has developed into a leading brand in US.

  • Excellent before and after purchase support options through their email at The Forge Motorsport is also accessible via their 14074475363 contact number.

  • The manufacturer is recognized and offers supplementary information on its You can also obtain more information by visiting the online page.

What to consider before an upgrade?

Irrespective of the quality of your favorite actuators, wastegates, intercoolers, radiators, valves, and brakes, your budget limits what you eventually choose. However, most of these driveline components are usually less expensive, like the $129 FMSS3 short and side shifters. Other buying considerations then include:
Since the short and side shifters are moving driveline parts, they must be made of materials resistant to quick wear and tear.
Precision matters when it comes to switching gears on your transmission. That is why your preferred short and side shifter must perfectly fit with the other driveline components.
Type of Transmission
The FMSS3 only works on manual transmission models. Therefore, confirm the transmission type on your 2018 Hyundai Veloster before making payment for the FMSS3 short and side shifter.

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