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3 Reasons to Upgrade to 2010-17 Hyundai Genesis Coupe Sway Bar kit SW0702-0103 – ARK

Want to upgrade the handling of your 2010-17 Hyundai Genesis Coupe? Try equipping it with the ARK sway bar kit SW0702-0103. With this kit, you will be able to tweak how the car feels on the road. Therefore, it will make your car more engaging to drive and boost your performance on the track. This kit also includes more robust bushings than those that came with your stock sway bars. The price? Just $475.15, which is competitive for such a premium sway bar kit. Here is more information about sway bars and the reasons you ought to buy this kit.

What is a sway bar?
What are three reasons to upgrade?
Why buy the ARK sway bar kit SW0702-0103?

What is a sway bar?

It is a u-shaped, tubular metal bar that, with the help of end-links, links the suspension components on one side of your car with those on the other side. Also called a stabilizer/anti-sway/anti-roll bar, this bar opposes body roll and keeps your car as level as possible when cornering. Sway bars are fashioned from hollow or solid core metal tubes of different diameters.

What are three reasons to upgrade?

Better Handling and Performance
The more rigid a car’s chassis is, the better it handles, mainly because a more rigid chassis provides a more stable or controlled base for your suspension system components. With the help of end-links, these stouter, more robust sway bars will link the suspension components on the left side of your car with those on its right side, making your chassis stiffer. They will help reduce chassis flex by resisting the weight shift to the outer wheels. As a result, more of your car’s weight will rest on its inner wheels when cornering. The extra stability and traction will make this rear-wheel-drive car easier to handle through every corner. It will also give you the confidence to speed up through edges.
Improved Safety
By opposing torsion when cornering, these sway bars will counter body roll and facilitate improved weight distribution. These sway bars will inhibit the car’s weight from transferring to the outer wheels when cornering, and in so doing, they will load up the inner wheels with almost as much weight as the outer wheels. As a result, you are likely to make lesser mistakes and be safer when cutting corners at high speeds.
More Adjustability
One significant plus that you get with this sway bar kit is adjustable car handling. Its sway bars provide three mounting points on both ends. Each mounting point will deliver different handling characteristics. If you use the closest mounting points that shorten the sway bar, you will attain firmer handling. And if you use the farthest mounting points that lengthen the sway bar, you will realize softer handling.

Why buy the ARK Sway Bar kit SW0702-0103?

Long-lasting: Thanks to their super-strong aircraft-grade steel material, these sway bars will last longer and will give you the confidence to engage in more aggressive driving. Also, they come with polyurethane bushings that are much more durable than the rubber bushings that come with your factory sway bars.
Plenty of Experience: ARK has over three decades’ worth of experience in manufacturing aftermarket performance auto parts and accessories. The company was coined in 1995 and serving since.

This ARK sway bar kit is for the 2010-17 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 4Cyl 2.0L, so if you want to purchase it, you should also consider buying another similar sway bar kit for the front of your car. If you have any questions about this sway bar kit, get in touch with the folks at ARK by filling and submitting the form you will find via this link.

Relevant part numbers

Alternate Part Number(s): SW07020103

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2010 to 2017 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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