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3 Reasons to Upgrade to the TS-SS-015 Short Shifter for Your 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Carrying out a TS-SS-015 short shifter upgrade is one of the many ways to improve the driving experience of your 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. It’s a driveline component that creates faster gear shifts that ease the driving process.
Not only do you feel involved in the gear change sequence of your manual transmission, but you get to do it with more comfortable arm movements. The Torque Solutions is the TS-SS-015 maker, which is only a fraction of the array of their engine mounts, short shifters, shifter bushings, and exhaust mounts.
With a $156.4 price tag, the TS-SS-015 short shifter is a prominent driveline choice for racing enthusiasts who want to try the experience of faster manual transmission shifts on their Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

- What is a short shifter?
- What are the 3 reasons to upgrade?
- Why should you buy the TS-SS-015?
- What to consider before buying?

What is a Short Shifter?

A short shifter is an essential part of a manual transmission framework that decreases the time the gear knob makes to switch gears. The quicker shifts mean lower arm movements that help accelerate faster.
But that should not misdirect you to imagine that chopping the gear stick height would positively help the gasoline-supported engines. NO! What differentiates these short shifters like the TS-SS-015 is their shorter shaft with the pivot positioned closer to the knob. The shaft - the distance the shifter knob has to travel to change gears then becomes lesser.
An example of such short shifters is the TS-SS-015. It is also a suitable driveline model with the 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. A typical example of such a short shifter is the TS-SS-015. Produced by Torque Solutions, a renowned vendor with excellent engine mounts, short shifters, shifter bushings, and exhaust mounts driveline components. They function as performance boosters to your Coupe (two-door) transmissions.

What are the 3 reasons to upgrade?

1. Effective Gear Shifts: Most professionals who race with manual transmission vehicles prefer short shifters like the TS-SS-015 because of their higher gear engagement. Time is of the essence, and the faster response the TS-SS-015 short shifter affords their 2.0L Turbo 5AT (210 HP) Hyundai is enough to make fast transitions. With less obvious arm movements, they quickly switch gears, and that’s beneficial in reducing the time needed to accelerate to the 137 mph (220 km/h) top speed.
2. Creates a sporty feel: If you are a fan of the solid and more controlling feel of racing car gears, you will understand why getting a driveline upgrade to short shifters is essential. Quicker shift times, more effective control, and a more robust gear stick are some of the advantages of getting the $156.4 TS-SS-015 for your 4Cyl 2.0L Hyundai Genesis Coupe. They relish the sports car experience.
3. Better Driving Experience: If you are wary of dragging the gear stick extensively or elbowing the passenger while trying to change gears, the TS-SS-015 short shifter might be what you need. It is a driveline upgrade that makes driving easier. It functions with manual transmissions like the Turbocharged Multipoint Injection of your Hyundai Coupe (two-door) and helps improve the everyday shifting experience.

Why should you buy the TS-SS-015?

  • It promises a comfortable and optimum gear switch experience for your 2010-12 rear wheel drive Hyundai.

  • Guaranteed quality as the Torque Solutions manufacturing company specializes in engine mounts, short shifters, shifter bushings, and exhaust mounts. Their driveline parts are the best of their type in the country, courtesy of their early 2008 establishment date.

  • Accessible email support options ( both before and after making a purchase. You can also call the Torque Solutions company by phone at 877-901-8677.

  • The manufacturer is trusted and offers supplementary information on its You can also get more information by visiting the online page.

What to consider before an upgrade?

Many people agree that changing the engine mounts, short shifters, shifter bushings, and exhaust mounts can increase the performance of their Hyundai automobiles. However, not many people know the factors that determine which of these driveline components is best. The following are the main points when contemplating a short shifter upgrade.
The durability of the material used in constructing the short shifter is crucial because it determines its ruggedness when in contact with other driveline components.
Precision matters when it comes to changing gears on your Turbocharged Multipoint Injection transmission. Subsequently, the type of short shifter you buy is significant because it must align with the other driveline gear parts.
Type of Transmission
The TS-SS-015 only works on manual transmission Hyundai models. Therefore, confirm the transmission mode on your 2010-12 Hyundai Genesis Coupe before making payment for the TS-SS-015 short shifter.

Torque Solution short throw shifter is a direct replacement for your long throw stock unit. Our shifters are made from 4130 Chromoly steel and are tig welded in a precision jig. Lastly, they are Black Nickel Anodized to last a lifetime..


- 35% throw reduction

- 1.5" height reduction

- 4130 Cr-Mo steel

- Installs in under 30 minutes

- LifeTime Warranty

- Made in USA

Relevant part numbers

Alternate Part Number(s): TSSS015

Vehicle Compatibility

2010 to 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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