Top 4 best Catback exhaust for the Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is a car that looks good and handles well. It includes two different models of the same make and two other brand options with everything from performance to sound quality in mind. Whether you want more power or better sound, one of these should be what you're looking for! If you are looking for the perfect exhaust to give it just enough of an edge, then this post will help you find the best catback exhaust for your needs.

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  1. About Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  2. MagnaFlow 16478 Catback exhaust
  3. MagnaFlow 16507 Catback exhaust
  4. HKS 31021-KB001 Catback exhaust
  5. Tomei TB6100-MZ03A Catback exhaust
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About Hyundai Genesis Coupe

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe is not the most popular car in Hyundai's lineup, but it may be a good choice for someone who likes sporty vehicles. It isn't too expensive either. This car model has a pretty sheath and has a front fascia that looks aggressive. The Hyundai comes with leather seats, dual-zone climate control, power windows/locks/mirrors & 6 CD changers. The Hyundai also has heated seats for both the driver and the passenger, Bluetooth phone hookup (and radio), and XM satellite radio.

Unlike your typical headers, the x-pipe will give you a little more power over standard pipes. Plus, it is easy to install any of these four cat-back systems on the Hyundai Genesis Coupe. You do not need to make any major modifications. The X pipe goes into two mufflers. These mufflers come in different sizes, like small and big, and the length you choose. But most trucks run short and large resonator models. When it comes to the Hyundai Genesis Coupe (2nd Gen), there are a few things you can do. Suppose you want more power and better fuel consumption. In that case, we definitely recommend adding a sports exhaust system so that the same 2.0-liter engine will breathe better and leave no opportunity unused to let out as much power as possible. Today, we bring you four cat-back systems which will provide extra juice for your ride at not too high price tags. 

MagnaFlow 16478 Catback exhaust

This is a good option for people who have Hyundai Genesis Coupes. The cat-back exhaust system is reliable and does not make too much noise. It would be good to drive around town or on the weekend if you do not want to be too loud. The 2' stainless steel tubing helps to provide the maximum surface area with minimum wall thickness to maximize exhaust flow. It also helps off-road capabilities since it is strong. On the other hand, an 8' oval pipe from the midsection on out towards the muffler adds some extra strength off-road capabilities where it's needed most.

MagnaFlow 16478 Catback exhaust

MagnaFlow 16478 is a perfect fit for your Hyundai Genesis Coupe 4-cyl. It truly lets you hear the engine note while being quiet enough to have a conversation in the car with the windows down. The 2.0L 5AT makes 210 horsepower and 195-foot pounds of torque, so no modifications are required - bolt on and enjoy!

Working out on the track, the flow of exhaust gas needs to be even. This 3-inch diameter Magnaflow Catback exhaust improves engine performance for better overall. It gives more torque and throttle response power and makes it easier for you to go faster. There are some areas where it makes sense to make minor sacrifices. Some sounds are too loud, and others cross the line and aren't practical anyway. In other places, the sound is okay, and it isn't a problem. These are good choices for racers desiring more sound than stock.

MagnaFlow 16507 Catback exhaust

If you want to improve the appearance of your Hyundai Genesis Coupe, then get MagnaFlow! This particular system does not affect engine performance but provides improved sound characteristics without any negative impact on overall power output. We all know that with most vehicles, modifying the factory piping with a new aftermarket cat-back exhaust offers noticeable improvements over its OEM counterpart. With that said, each vehicle is unique in terms of both model year and factory equipment. With that in mind, please check for fitment before ordering.

MagnaFlow 16507 Catback exhaust

Having a cat-back exhaust system will provide you with lower restrictions and better engine performance, allowing your car to reach its maximum potential power. It allows for better air circulation allowing a more fulfilled driving experience. MagnaFlow brand is never failing to provide top-of-the-line products, so expect nothing less from them. They have been widely known as leaders in mainstream exhaust systems around the world, featuring catalytic converters that customers can trust for their vehicles' emissions control under various global emission standards from RDE (U.S.) to Euro 5(Europe) ECE R40 (Australia), etc.

The MagnaFlow Catback exhaust will make your car look better. It will cover up the metal tube where people would see it, and it will make the canister smoother so that it looks nicer.  This 3″ Straight Pipe Exhaust System is only compatible with the Genital hatchback models.


HKS 31021-KB001 Catback exhaust

The Legamax exhaust system is HKS's latest design. During R&D testing using race cars on test tracks, it was confirmed that the Legamax design allowed the engine's power to be more easily transmitted to the track surface compared with other exhaust designs. This performance permeates everyday driving conditions irrespective of whether one uses their car for exercise or business purposes.

HKS 31021-KB001 Legamax exhaust system

Made in lightweight 600 series stainless steel, measuring 60mm (2.36 inches) along the centerline of the pipe, Legamax boasts scooped sidewalls with brushed surfaces to improve flow and reduce back pressure while reducing exhaust gas temperatures for increased engine performance. Get out like never before when you drive your Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L - 2JZ-GTE away from traffic lights or race down your favorite winding roads with this high-quality Catback system by HKS back there.

The HKS is the best exhaust system for you if you're looking for a sporty and aggressive tone; it's not for those looking to keep things subtle. The deep sound will give your car a singular character and make people turn their heads when they hear it. This center pipe, together with the muffler and downpipe, produces a strong and stable sound thanks to the maximum 60mm thickness of the piping, made from high-quality T409 stainless steel. Moreover, in order to maximize performance, there are expansion chambers that reduce back pressure while increasing turbulence inside the chamber through four merge collectors.

The Legamax by HKS High Performance is based on the popular 300ZX MAFIA's design. What makes the Legamax Premium different from other headers is that it has an equal length merge collector (gear-like shape near where you attach to the stock exhaust manifold) and what HKS calls a center pipe' side by side 3' style. This enables more efficient exhaust gasses scavenging than most single or unequal length merge collectors on the market today. The pipe size and angle of this large diameter 60mm piping measure right for maximum performance at 8000 rpm without chucking out too much.


Tomei TB6100-MZ03A Catback exhaust

We take great pride in offering you Hyundai Hyundai Genesis coupe GT 2.0l engine performance cat-back exhaust systems designed to produce higher horsepower and torque while supporting stock catalytic converter and O2 sensors!

Tomei TB6100-MZ03A Catback exhaust

A few features of the Tomei TB6100-MZ03A Catback exhaust is:

  • Titanium Construction.
  • For Off-Road Use.
  • Designed for Maximum Weight Savings and Exhaust Flow.

TOMEI's sports Catback Ti-Test represents a new world in designing and manufacturing these catback. The large piping achieves the extremely high flow capability with radius welded into it, presenting back to stock R&D factory location; therefore giving you unmatched fitment and drivability. An added advantage of larger piping on this JB4 ready design is that the sound will be louder. The muffler tuning has been developed to offer aggressive performance tone if desired or more vintage tones with less "cackle" without sacrificing volume at any RPM range.


  • The MagnaFlow 16478 Catback exhaust with its 2' stainless steel tubing helps to provide the maximum surface area with minimum wall thickness to maximize exhaust flow.
  • The MagnaFlow 16507 Catback exhaust allows better air circulation enabling a more fulfilled driving experience. 
  • HKS 31021-KB001 Catback exhaust is made in lightweight 600 series stainless steel, measuring 60mm (2.36 inches) along the centerline of the pipe.
  • Tomei TB6100-MZ03A Catback exhaust is designed for maximum weight savings and exhaust flow.